Stormy Nights - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Missing You)

When Leah is eight months pregnant, Harry is finally able to get a plane ticket to go see his blind best friend. Leah allows him to go, but what happens when the weather holds Harry up, and he is stuck at Louis' home? What will Leah do when she goes into labour? How will Harry get to her? Where will Leah go, if she can't drive herself to the hospital? What happens when Zayn has a double? Who will end up with who, and who will end up where?


22. Chapter Twenty Two

Leah's POV

I take Noah out of the crib and his eyes fly open. He stares up at me, and doesn't make a sound. I slowly creep down the stairs, still in pajamas, my hair pulled up into a loose bun. I probably don't look very attractive.

Harry smiles and runs to me, Louis standing behind him. "There is my beautiful girl," he exclaims pulling me into a tight hug, and kissing me on the forehead. He smiles at Noah, and I hand him over to Harry. There are tears in his eyes as he holds Noah close. "And here is my beautiful boy," He says, his eyes fixed on Noah's tiny face.

I sneak over to Louis and I hug him. "I'm going to tell him," I whisper, and Louis nods. "I'm so sorry," Louis replies, and he looks at me with sad eyes. I smile at him, to say 'It's Okay.'

I shoo the rest of the boys out of the room, and Harry looks at me, confused. "What are you doing?" He laughs, but when he sees my serious face, he stops laughing, and his smile disappears. He sets Noah in his crib, and he turns to face me. I sigh, terrified.

"Harry," I begin, slowly, my sadness growing. "You once told me that love conquers everything. Is that true?" I ask. He nods. "Yes," he answers. "Do you love me?" I ask, a tear slipping out of my eye.

"Of course I do," he tells me, leaning in for a kiss but I dodge it. "Will you always love me? Even if I did something horrible? If I betrayed you?" I ask, but Harry's mouth drops.

"Leah, please tell me, and if you are going to break my heart, do it fast," Harry cries. 

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