Stormy Nights - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Missing You)

When Leah is eight months pregnant, Harry is finally able to get a plane ticket to go see his blind best friend. Leah allows him to go, but what happens when the weather holds Harry up, and he is stuck at Louis' home? What will Leah do when she goes into labour? How will Harry get to her? Where will Leah go, if she can't drive herself to the hospital? What happens when Zayn has a double? Who will end up with who, and who will end up where?


3. Chapter Three

Harry;s POV

What do you mean you're leaving and going to Doncaster? Harry, I'm going to give birth!" Leah exclaims, rushing after me. "I'm going to visit Louis." I state, whipping around to glare at her. "But, what about me?" She cries. I just laugh, not caring, knowing I'm leaving and that is that. "You can stay here." I tell her, walking away from her again. Her hand rests on my shoulder. "Harry," She begins to cry, "I can't be without you at a time like this," She whispers, kissing me on the cheek. "Honey, I'm only going to be gone a week. You won't have your baby until I get back, I promise," I say, resting my chin on top of her head. "No, Just, please stay," She stutters. "I," I say, trying to find words. "I already bought the ticket," I explain. "Without even telling me? Or asking me?" She exclaims, clearly upset. "I bought it knowing I would go. I kept regretting it all through the night, but, I know I made the right decision." I tell her, but she shakes her head and looks up at me with teary eyes. "How do you know?" She says, quietly, unable to speak. "After reading that letter, I know he needs me. We are best friends, and he's blind! He's learning to read and walk and I need to be there to support him," I tell her. "But what about me?!" She cries. "I'm about to give birth to YOUR baby! And you won't even be here to see it, Harry, oh, Harry," She says, putting her face in her hands and then proceeding to throw her arms around me. She cries into my shoulder and I push her away. "I will be here, I promise," I tell her, knowing I will be here when she gives birth, no question about it.

There is a small portion of my brain that is wondering if I will be here or not. I am definitely going to try my best. I already bought my ticket and I'm going, no changing my mind now. I'll start packing soon, and besides,  I won't be gone long, and I will get home at least a week before the baby is due. We will be fine.



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