Stormy Nights - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Missing You)

When Leah is eight months pregnant, Harry is finally able to get a plane ticket to go see his blind best friend. Leah allows him to go, but what happens when the weather holds Harry up, and he is stuck at Louis' home? What will Leah do when she goes into labour? How will Harry get to her? Where will Leah go, if she can't drive herself to the hospital? What happens when Zayn has a double? Who will end up with who, and who will end up where?


7. Chapter Seven

Zayn's POV

I need to see Leah. I haven't seen her in forever. I need to find her. I need to apologize. Because after I lost Perrie..........


She's all I have left.

And I still love her.

"Liam, when we are finished here, you are buying her a new door, you idiot," I grumble, walking into the house, slowly, but my snow boots clunk, clunk, clunk on the tile floor. Niall and Liam walk behind me, and I am surprised Harry doesn't come down. I am hoping for him to at least let me see her. Let me apologize.

Leah's POV

I hear whispering and a set of boots dragging across the tile floor.

I can visualise it. A rope. Duct tape. A gun. Maybe a knife. And three, dirty, stupid, ex One-Direction members entering my room and threatening to take my life. Tears well up in my eyes, and suddenly, I can't hold it in anymore. I let out a loud sob.

Zayn's POV

I hear somebody crying. a soft, cute voice belonging to one, and only one person. One beautiful girl. Leah. My Leah. The Leah who used to love me. The Leah I pushed away.

And the Leah I'm going to get back no matter what.

I follow the sound of the crying, up the stairs, the two boys waiting downstairs. The single light in the large bedroom flickers, and I stand in the doorway, my shadow on the wall. I see her. And she moves into a corner as fast as possible.

Leah's POV

I see him,. Zayn. A huge shadow on the wall. A huge figure in my doorway. I rush into the corner of the room, realizing there is no way out. I'm trapped. Done for. Good as dead, I suppose. So I tuck my head into my knees and I let it out. I sob, for the last time it seems.

A soft hand lands on my shoulder and I just cry harder. A masculine voice echo's in the room. "Leah, It's me," He says, softly, "Zayn." He assures me. I back further into the wall, wanting to sink into the wood and be anywhere but here. "Please," I cry, stuttering, "Don't kill me and my baby," I sob.

He kneels beside me. "I won't. Baby, I'm back. I want you and me to be friends again. Do you remember that? I secretly loved you, Leah. I still do. I lost Perrie. She's... gone. And now, I need you more than ever." he says, resting his head on mine. I brush him away. "I don't trust you Zayn. You almost kidnapped me... almost killed me... you.. you-" I say, but his lips on mine cut me off. And I remember him. Zayn. He's back.

My Zayn.

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