Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


5. The Twists of Transition

                                                                  Niall's POV:

All the sudden I woke up with a sharp, stabbing pain in my stomach and I had no idea why or how I got the pain in my stomach but I was hungry for a weird taste but I couldn't quite figure out what I was craving. I tip toed downstairs and into the kitchen in search of food. I tried everything there was but I kept on having a nasty taste in my mouth, it was a horrible taste , an unexplainable one to be honest. I was roaming back up stairs then all the sudden I saw a rat out of the corner of my eye, it felt so weird because I had the instinct  to catch it. Well I followed my instinct and ended up moving at lightning speed, I caught the mouse with my hand and then all the sudden I had long k-9s as teeth and I sunk them into the mouse. I felt a rush of relief in my stomach as the pain went away. Then I had fear rush into my mind as I just realized what I've done, I started to stumble backwards and I knocked over a couple of pans and they fell on the floor. Then I heard somebody coming downstairs, it was Allison and she said "I told you it was going to be soon girl". Then when she finally arrived down stairs , she saw that it was actually me and her eyes became wide and her mouth dropped open.


                                                          *Author's Note*

y'all im sorry for the short chapter it's just that right now its 1:44 am and I have school tomorrow sorry.

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