Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


7. The New Visitor

                                                      Mason's POV:

     I couldn't stop thinking about this one girl I saw in the hospital looking for blood. Her name was Allison Danielle, she was a beautiful blonde with greenish brown eyes. She was also a vampire, I could sense that. I asked the girl that was there , what had happened. She told me that  Allison had fallen down her stairs and blacked out. I looked back at Allison and she was sound asleep, I turned to walk out the door and the girl asked me "what is your name"? I told her "the name is Mason, tell her I was here by the way". Then I walked out the door with Allison stuck in my head, it was so weird because I felt a connection with her that I've never felt before with anybody.  I knew we have met before in the past , I felt that  but I couldn't think where.....


                                                         Macy's POV:


"How do you not know him Ally?" I asked. "I honestly don't know him, at least I don't think I do", she said. Well somehow he knew who you were because he asked what had happened to you and I told him a lie. "Macy will you please help me find him again" Allison said in  a quiet voice.


                                                        Allison's POV:


I can't get this feeling out of my stomach and it's really bad that I can't, I feel like I have a lonely side to me now. I swore I knew the name Mason from somewhere but I just couldn't remember where I seen him. Macy told me I had a new visitor I already knew basically  because I could sense his presence because he was a vampire. So I asked Macy if she could help me find him. She said yes, I was so excited now and I can't stop thinking bout being able to find him. I found his sent on the sheets beside me and I could see memories from a time where in was first transforming into a vampire. I saw a dude in my memory,he had green eyes and brown hair , flipped to the side and he had a smile that could light up your whole world. I felt like I had a strong connection with the dude in my memory. The connection was dirty, nice , sweet , loving , caring ,and felt like it would last forever and infinity.Then reality hit me like a bolt of lightning , it was a soft, gentle , caring , and loving touch. I turned around and saw only a bolt of light pass my way. I knew it was him , it had to be. I never felt this before ,not this way anyway. he was so close in my memories but now so far away. I believed it was just puppy love I was feeling  and it was to good to be true, but I loved him in a feeling I couldn't explain , it was a strong love and you couldn't break it. I was so determined to find him, you would kill me before I gave up looking for him. I was tired and exhausted so I decided to go to sleep. Then I had a dream..................



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