Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


8. The Dream

                                Allison's POV:

I was now asleep and in my own little world dreaming. I dreamed of a forest and me and Mason were in it but there was also this girl on the other side of the forest. I turned around and looked at Mason, I asked him if he knew her because only vampires can visit other people's dreams. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye she was walking toward us. She had rosewood violet hair color and green/blue eyes. She was a really pretty girl and Mason wouldn't stop starring at her. I was confused because I thought Mason and I had something special. At about the second after I thought that he said "Allison I have strong feelings for you but.........", he paused in mid sentence. I started to tear up in my eyes and he must've heard me start to cry because he looked down at me, I turned my head, looking away. I was about to run off when all the sudden that girl was in front of me. I yelled move really loudly even birds flew out the trees. I was mad and hurt at the same time. I heard Mason call my name from behind me and I looked behind my shoulder and he saw how hurt I was. I stormed off at the speed of light , I ran and ran for what felt like hours but it was only 20 minutes. I finally stopped at a fallen tree and climbed beside the stump and curled up into a ball, my emotions were everywhere. I was mad, afraid, sad, & confused. I was crying my eyes out wishing I had a friend by my side, then I heard a voice call behind a tree. It was Liam, he walked up to me and looked at my swollen red eyes from crying. Then, he asked what happened, I busted out into tears again and said "Mason and that girl". I looked up into Liam's eyes and saw a facial expression cross his face, it was like he knew exactly who I was talking about. "What did she look like"? he questioned. "She had rosewood violet hair and bluish green eyes". "I know who you're talking about, she is my ex named Lexi , she was figured to be dead by all vampires because they were supposed kill her but they didn't so she left before they found her and that night before she left , she came into my room window and told me she would be back again someday. I loved her with all my heart and still do". "Why did they want to kill her?" I questioned. "She broke a huge rule in the vampire coven she was in and she showed a few humans what she could do, and the humans reported her to the police and they found out who every vampire was in town so she had to be saved, her coven saved her but that is only because they wanted to kill her their selves, the coven members killed every human in the town and now live there, she ran away like I said and is now returning." "Oh, I get what happened now" I said blankly, wiping away tears



                                Mason's POV:

       "Who are you"??????? I asked the girl next to me. "My name is Lexi, do you know where I could find Liam?" "Why" I asked. "He is my ex and I left town a year ago because I had certain people who wanted to get rid of me and now, I'm back to try and fix our relationship". While she was finishing her sentence I heard a dude's voice along with Allison's . I zoned Lexi's voice out and overheard Allison tell this dude named Liam "why was Mason so attracted to Lexi, Liam?" "To be honest , I don't really know why he is attracted to her , but Ally calm down and listen to me, Mason loves you and don't forget that, he always will". "But why did he say he loved me but.... and then stopped in mid sentence, why Liam, why??????" She started to whimper and cry again, then Liam said it will be okay Ally, it will be okay, I promise........" I felt a rush of anger and jealously well up in my insides. Lexi must've stopped talking a while before I got mad because I saw her face red in anger and she looked at me and noticed I was angry and jealous, I quickly turned my head the other way. I was a shy person sometimes and I didn't trust people much at all, so me and Lexi didn't start off at a good start. I finally woke up from my dream and I was laying on my stomach, face stuck in my pillow.


                           Allison's POV:

  I finally woke up, from what was a nightmare, before Liam appeared. I was in a pool of sweat and tears, it was weird because I cried in my sleep. I've never done that before but I did then. it seemed so real, but it was actually. It happened then and there, and there is no changing it now. I'm still sad, confused, and mad at Mason and Lexi right now. Today was Sunday so that ment I had to go to school tomorrow. I didn't want to go but I knew I had to go no matter what happened.......


                          Liam's POV

I woke up to find my covers thrown off of my bed and me laying on my back facing the celling. I knew the dream I had was real so that ment, Lexi was back in Alabama for the year. Tomorrow was a Monday so maybe she would enroll in senior year with me. I'm hoping we can go back to the way we were before she moved away.

                                          Lexi's POV:

I woke up and looked at my clock, it said 10:38am, I sighed and rolled over on my side facing the right wall. I knew the dream I had was real because now I can pick up Liam's scent on everything he touched again. I'm so happy I found Liam again and I hope we get back together , the way we were before. My pillow on my bed was filled with sweat and I had anger built up inside me from the dream. I rolled onto my stomach and screamed into my pillow. tomorrow was Monday , so I would have to enroll in high school, senior year tomorrow. Atleast I would get to see Liam at school.........

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