Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


9. Suprise

       Lexi's  POV:

        This morning started off not so good. I didn't feel to well and the dream of course had an affect on me. I was so excited about tomorrow morning, so I could enroll in high school with Liam. I have been searching for Liam and I finally found him, I couldn't believe it when I did. Apparently he was in a band now called One Direction. I knew Liam was an amazing singer so I could've guessed this was his carrier now. It felt so strange now that the dream has made my emotions go all over the place. I remember the boy named Mason , well I think that is his name anyway. Somehow it made this girl Allison upset that Mason was starring at me the way he was. I don't really know why he was looking at me the way he was but I know one thing for shure, Allison was upset, pissed off, and confused. She ran off into the woods crying and when she finally came out, she was with Liam. I saw Mason's jaw clentch tight and his hands curl a fist like way.  Liam was talking to Allison in a soft voice saying "everything will be okay" and her gave her a tight hug. That brought out a serge of anger a jealously , that ran through my body. I had a feeling of hate towards Allison for making a move on Liam. I started getting angry even more now so I decided to push the thoughts into the back of my mind and finally get out of bed. I stood up beside my bed stretching and I let out a big yawn. I looked at my dresser and saw my phone light up. It was a phone call from my ex Elijah. I sighed and answered the phone. "Hello Ms.Lexi " he said in a happy tone of voice. "Hello Elijah , what do you want from me?" "What makes you think I want something my dear" he said. " I don't know , just the last time I heard from you was at the coven council meeting for my death." "C'mon my darling , that is behind us now and in the past." "Oh shut up Elijah" I yelled into the phone and hung up. I was already disturbed enough this morning, now I had to deal with that dumb ass. I was more pissed off than ever now so I walked into my bathroom, turned the shower water on warm. then I hooked my Iphone up to my speakers. I played One Direction's new album I bought over the weekend and hopped into the shower. It was now 3:00pm, when I got done with getting dressed and all that stuff. I decided to go out and eat tonight instead of cooking. I changed into some better looking clothes , which was a flowing turquoise dress that hugged my curves and stopped just above my knees with black heels. I grabbed my black coach purse and headed out the door. I got into my car and shut the door. I have just started baking out of the driveway when I saw my neighbor Ethan appear beside my car door dressed in blue jeans and a button up shirt dress shirt with a blazer and tie. I rolled down the window and he looked inside and asked "Are you going anywhere special tonight?" "Actually no, I'm just going out to eat." I said with a smile and then I questioned "Do you want to join me by a chance"? "sure" he responded with a quick grin and opened the door to get in. He snapped the seat belt into place and I started backing out the drive way again, only this time no one stopped me. After almost 30 minutes of driving , we finally arrived at our destination. We decided to eat at a steak house called Conestoga. Ethan got out of the car with vampire speed and came to my door to open it for me. I smiled and said thank you. We walked to the door to make a reservation and wait when all of the sudden I saw a glimpse of a man who looked like Elijah. I was thinking there is no possible way he has found me that fast, until I remembered the phone call. Of course, he tracked me down to my location. Me and Ethan walked into the door and sure enough the man I saw was Elijah. Then me and Ethan sat down at the table we were assigned to, and our waiter came to ask what we wanted to drink. As soon as I spoke Elijah looked my way...........

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