Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


3. Secrets are Revealed

                                                             Allison's POV:


"Why didn't you tell us you were a vampire?" Macy asked in an furious voice." I'm sorry, I was meaning to tell you sooner ,but I was afraid that you wouldn't want to be my friend anymore, I'm so sorry, Can you forgive me ?" I begged & begged for forgiveness. Meanwhile.............


                                                          Louis's POV: 


"Ok Niall, I'm a vampire and so is Ally. We have been vampires since birth, you will be too once you turn 17, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner , I wish I would've because  I love you like a brother mate. It hurts a lot during the change, that is why it was hard for me during our tour last year. Harry is also a vampire and so is Zayn. "So after next weekend I'm going to start turning into a vampire?" Niall asked. "Yes you will...... Are you ok with this Niall?"  He said  "Yea I can't wait," as a huge grin came across his face. "Ok good , lets go see how Macy & Diana are taking the new information" I said.


                                                           Allison's POV:


"Y'all please forgive me." I said to Macy & Diana. "We forgive you" Diana said in a low voice. "Just tell us how you became a vampire" Macy said. "Ok I've always been a vampire, ever since birth & I didn't know anything about till my birthday this year. I kept on having growing pains and I never did have a  taste for human food, I craved blood. I felt so weird, like I was some kind of weirdo or something, I went to the doctor  and he said no thing was wrong then one morning ,I woke up with red eyes and all the sudden my breath was knocked out of me by a pain in my stomach. I had lines forming up under my eyes, they looked like veins poping out from under my eyes, then I had my 2 teeth on top came to a sharp point. I knew exactly what was wrong then , I was BECOMING A VAMPIRE. It scared the living shit out of me but I've gotten through it , slowly but surely." I will go ahead and tell you both that one direction is all vampires. the only ones who haven't changed is Niall & Harry. If  I'm correct I can sense that both of y'all will be vampires soon,so go ahead and get ready for the change. "Who is pulling up in the driveway"?? Diana asked. I sensed Louis was here and said with a smile "You're ok it's just Niall & Louis. Macy ran up to flights of stairs quickly, I could already tell she was close to having her powers. She went to change before Niall got in the house, she succeeded in doing that. Macy was a pretty girl I really never did understand why nobody liked her. she is so nice and sweet, she is like my sister to me and I wouldn't let her die before I did in eternity.Diana was also , she was a talented girl with pretty brown hair and green eyes. *KNOCK KNOCK*, I opened the door and there was Niall & Louis standing there smiling. I motioned for them to come in ,they did. Macy and Diana were sitting on the couch watching telly. I was cooking ,Niall looked at me with a grin  and asked "what are you cooking?" I smiled and said you'll find out. "you know he won't give up asking till he knows , right?" Louis said. Yea I know I just like to mess with him a little. Louis offered to help and  he did then I accediently bumped  into him while I was cooking and the pot spilled over. let's just say we had a huge mess and I almost slipped , then Louis caught me . his beautiful eyes met my golden green ones. he smiled and said "I'm so sorry love ,are you ok"? "Thank you so much for catching me Lou". "Your welcome love " he said with a charming smile. As we cleaned up the big mess Diana walked in and asked what happened and we answered with a grin  and laughter. Niall called form the other room and asked "hey, can I invite the boys over here?".................................

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