Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


4. New Feelings & New Things Are Formed

                                                        Harry's POV:


*RING, RING, RING* I ran to my phone and saw the caller id was Niall , I answered the phone and Niall asked if me and Zayn wanted to come to Allison's house . I said sure, I hung up and told Zayn we were going to Allison's house. He said "Hell yeah , let's go ". I laughed and said "Ok but we need to call Liam and invite him also." "But wait we don't know where Allison's house is" Zayn explained, I remarked with a grin and said "Ohhh but Zayn I do".  I got done smiling and picked my phone back up and texted Liam and told him to meet me at my house, so we could go to Allison's house. He responded with an "ok I will be there in 15, bye" I read the message and set my phone back on the table. I went and changed into sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Of course as always I walked by the bathroom to see Zayn looking into the mirror doing his hair, I busted out laughing and he about jumped 10 feet into the air. I guess I scared him bad because he screamed a little , and remarked with "Shit why did you scare me like that man " ? I just stood there bent over from laughing so hard, I couldn't breath. he said "well that's what you get for scaring me". Finally, for what seemed like an hour  Liam arrived at the house. Me and Zayn came out the door and hoped in the car, Liam hopped into the back seat and said "Well lets go Harry".


                                                  Liam's POV:


Harry cranked up the car and drove off to Allison's house.30 minutes later ,we arrived in front of a big 2 story house on a hill with an underground pool in the backyard and a ranch behind it. I was astonished at how big the house was, and the ranch behind it too. Well I could see the ranch part but not the huge house. Allison in my opinion was a nice, pretty girl until you pissed her off.She was tall and had beautiful brownish .green & gold eyes, she had blonde, golden hair that looked great down and under a cowboy hat. Then there that I realized that I have feelings for Allison. We finally arrived at the front door, and she invited us inside to eat and sit down. When I walked in I saw Louis in the kitchen on the floor cleaning up a mess. Allison walked beside me saying "Just make yourself at home, its ok I live by myself I this place so there's plenty of room". "Yall could all spend the night here if you wanted too ." "Thanks Allison , I appreciate it I said.             *2 hours later, after they ate chili*


                                                       Allison's POV:


"Well I'm going to bed y'all , see you in the morning at breakfast." Macy was tired so she went ahead and went to bed before I did. Diana decited to go to bed when I did ,so the boys followed into all the guest rooms up stairs. We all finally fell asleep then I heard a sound coming from downstairs and then at that point I knew exactly what it was. It was Macy, and she was looking for blood , she was already during transition of turning into a vampire." I told you that it would be soon girl" and then I looked expecting to see Macy at the and it wasn't her.........


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