Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


11. Monday

                      "BUT i COULD ONLY STARE & WATCH YOU BLEED"

                                                   Lexi's P.O.V

    As my alarm clock started going off I rolled over and slammed my hand on the snooze button. The song Bleed by Abandon The Empire started playing. After I hit the snooze button I rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw the makeup under my eyes and my hair a mess. I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up since today was going to be my first day back to school.  went to the shower curtains, pulled them back and started running the warm water. My nose was stuffed up and my voice was cracking. My shower finally got warm enough for me too get in, so I got in and started washing my hair, body, ect. When I got out, I heard my phone whistle. I walked over to my dresser, picked up my phone and checked my messages. Liam texted me!!!!!! When I opened the message, it said "Hey are you ok??" I responded with "Yea I'm fine just getting ready to go enroll for my senior year." A few minutes later I got another message from him. it said "OMG... What school????". I replied with "HHS, but I gtg get ready to enroll there first lol, bye liam :)". i set the phone down and walked to my closet. I noticed a really flowy dress with a black & white chevron pattern. I decided to wear that and some black heels with it. I left my hair down in curls and put makeup on. I grabbed my phone off the dresser then, grabbed my bag and keys. I was leaving the apartment when all the sudden I got a text from Liam again. it said "You better hurry or your gonna be late !!!!" I locked the door, got in  my car and started the engine. I was at the school in about 45 minutes. I parked my car way in the back of the parking lot, and walked to the front of the school. When I walked in I saw that everybody were changing classes, I was hoping to see Liam on the way to the office but , sadly I didn't. I walked into the office ready to enroll, excited and a lil sad I didn't see Liam earlier. I started talking to the principal about enrolling in HHS for my last year in high school. He replied with "We would be happy to take you Ms. Lexi, go to the secretary up front and they will give you your class schedule, hope you have a great day." I gave him a warm smile and said "yes sir I will thank you". I walked back to the front of the office, asked the secretary for my class schedule. She gave it to me and told me to have a great day. I gave her a warm smile, said thanks you too, walked out the door, and read my class schedule. This morning I was late so I would start my classes at 5th period.  had the teacher named Mrs. Shelley. I walked around and finally found her class, I walked in the door seeing everybody stare at me. I scanned the room for a seat and spotted one beside Liam. I felt a warm smile cross my face when I saw him. I was so happy to have him in one of my classes. I sat down in the desk beside him finally, he looked over and said laughing "its about time you get here". We sat there the whole class time laughing and doing only a fraction of what we were suppose to do. The bell finally rang for 6th period and Liam asked who I had. I told him Moore, his face lit up with excitement and said "Oh my god, me too"!!!!. We walked to class together, laughing, fooling around like two school kids on a play ground. We finally arrived to class, as we walked through the door I saw Liam smile at these 2 girls. One had blondish brown hair and the other had brown. They both smiled back and got up saying "Heyyyy". He sat on a desk introducing me to the other girls. Their names were Macy and Diana. Diana asked Liam if he had seen Ally any this morning, Liam replied with a no. Macy looked at them both and said "Have any of y'all talked to her this morning??" They both shook their heads no. Liam started saying "Well that is weird Ally never misses a day of school or never goes a day without texting atleast one of us, are y'all sure she's ok??????" All of the sudden Liam got a text from Allison's phone. It said "YOU HAVE 5 DAYS TO COME TO ME OR SHE IS GONE......MEET ME AT THE FEILDS TONIGHT IF YOU WANT HER BACK AND BRING LEXI WITH YOU OR ALLISON IS DEAD....." Liam started freaking out and almost crying saying I have to go get her and then he handed the phone to Macy and Diana letting them read the message.  Diana looked at me and asked "Why does, whoever this is want to see you????" I replied with I don't know then, all of the sudden I figured out who the kidnapper was........Elijah

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