Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


2. Lunch Time

                                          Diana's POV:


   " Thank god we have a subway at our high school " I said sarcastically. "Well of course ,and were is Macy by the way"? Allison questioned. "There she is, see her right there",I pointed to a table in the back were her & Niall were sitting. "That girl I swear, im going to get her." Allison said. Macy must've seen us because she waved for us to come sit with her and Niall. Me and Allison walked over to Macy and sat on each side of her. "Hey Ally did I tell you I finally got a horse????" Macy asked. "NO you didn't " Ally said in a loud voice. Me & Niall just sat there with our eyes watering from the both of us laughing so hard. "Well what are you two laughing so hard about over here , huh ??" Ally questioned. "We are lau... laughin.. laughing at yall two's facial expresions during that conversation yall just had". "It was to funny, love we just had to laugh" Niall said to Macy and her eyes lit up at the sound of him calling her love.


                                                 Macy's POV:

Niall waved over to Louis , so he would come eat with us. I elbowed Ally in the side and I guess Niall saw me so he smiled and started laughing. When Louis came to the table and sat down he gave Ally a warming smile and she gave one back. He finally turned his attention back to reality and told me and Diana hey. Then he grabbed Niall by the neck and hugged him in a head lock and asked " Well how's your day been mate ?" Niall replied with a great and gave me a huge grin, I started to laugh and all eyes were on me then, so I stopped and gave him a smile back. Lunch ended earlier than Niall expected I guess because he was planning on eating 2 footlong subs from subway. He didn't finish in time so he wrapped the ret of one up and put it in his locker. Louis said " Never take Naill's food away from him or he will bite you, trust me I have a battle scar from that mistake". We all busted out laughing going to gym for 4th period, we walked in and saw the 2 gym teachers surrounding a freshman, they looked like they were going to eat him. The gym teachers had goldish, green eyes that glowed, then I saw Ally's eyes flash a dark blood red. She ran towards them at the speed of light because I didn't even see her move. She threw one gym teacher across the room, the other one launched it's self at her, she quickly moved. I guess the gym teacher wasn't expecting that so he stumbled, she told the freshman to run away and fast. Me & Diana was stunned and our mouths were dropped open in surprise ,so was Niall's. Louis was smiling like he knew what was going on, then his eyes flashed blood red. Niall's eyes nearly fell out of his head in shock when Louis joined Ally. The gym teachers got up and stormed off in a wolf like form. Then Louis & Ally turned back to their normal selves. "WE WILL EXPLAIN AFTER SCHOOL" they both said in unison..................


                                               *Author's Note*

  If your confused , just to let you know Ally is short for Allison & I'm looking for someone to be Liam's girlfriend , please comment ,hair color,how you dress,and eye color,and your personality please thanks!!!!!!! I appreciate you reading and entering to be his gf , if I don't pick you ,you  will be in my next book

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