Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


10. He's Back

                       Elijah's POV:

 I've been tracking Lexi down for over 5 months now. I finally found her, she was in Headland, Alabama. I found her by tracking her down on a phone call. I was only in Michigan so it took me about 15 hours to get to Alabama. I hired a young man to track her phone calls, messages, ect. The young man was named Nash. He found out Lexi was going to a steak house in Dothan called Conestoga. I decided to go and see her there. I arrived at Conestoga with a date, I compelled her to come with me. Her name was Alexandra, she had blonde/brown hair, and green eyes. She was beautiful all the way around so she had looks coming at her from every guy in the restaurant. I liked Lexi more than her anyway. As I was deep in thought , I heard Lexi's voice com from somewhere near me. I looked up from whatever I was staring at in my lap, and saw Lexi with some dude named Ethan. To be honest he looked like a well good looking dude, I mean I can't lie, I was jealous. She was talking to her waiter and then she saw me, stopped talking and just looked at me shocked with fear in her eyes. She looked away from me finally when Ethan asked if she was okay. She replied to him with "yea I'm okay". Then started talking back to the waiter finally and when she finished ordering her food, she went to the restroom, I followed her into the restroom to talk. When I got in there, she was startled to see me and asked "Why Elijah, why?????" "Because I love you Lexi, I always have and always will".  "But you came here just after you tore my heart out 2 years ago." I said. "I was stupid and young then Lexi, now I've grown older, Who is that dude with you"? he asked.

                                           Lexi's P.O.V


"His name is Ethan" I said in a low voice, shivering from how close Elijah was too me. He had me in his arms holding me and kissed my head. "Elijah, I'm sorry but I don't have feelings for you anymore." "Wha-wha-whatttttt-what??????", he said studdering on the words and stumbling backwards. As he was backing up he hit the wall behind him and moved to the door, he looked so hurt in his eyes. I felt guilty, but it was true. He went out the door and went to grab his date and leave. He did as I thought and left. I went back to the table and sat with Ethan. About an hour later we left the restaurant and got in the car. He drove home with me in the passenger seat. I was confused about earlier with Elijah's reaction to my comment. Maybe he truly loved me but maybe he didn't. I didn't know what to think at all , I was scared and afraid of what he would do now. I finally arrived home and parked. Me and Ethan went our separate ways and said our good byes. I walked into my house and set my keys onto the counter as I placed my purse on the couch. I was so tired and exhausted from what happened earlier that I just went straight to my room, changed clothes, and went to sleep. At least tomorrow was Monday.....

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