Hi my name is Allison , im in highschool , im 17 , im country , im also a senior , I love music, its my life , im friends with 2 girls named Macy and Diana , this is my high school senior year turned


1. First Day of Senior Year

                                                                          ALLISON'S POV:

"BEEP" "BEEP" "BEEEEEEP", the sound of my alarm clock was killing my head , I rolled over onto my side and slapped the snooze button. About 3 minutes later I finally got up and took a shower. 15 minutes later I was trying to figure out what to wear. When I finally decided on what to wear, it was a blue plaid shirt ,bluejeans , & cowboy boots. I blow dryed my hair, I left it down and wavy, I slid my boots on & ran out to my car, I was driving my crimson red dodge challenger. I arrived at the school 30 minutes later, I pulled up in my assigned parking spot, I was #207. I got out of the car only to see a group of senior guys staring at me. I rolled my eyes & turned around, grabbed my backpack out of the passenger seat , shut the car door and locked the doors . I walked up to the front of the building and opened the door. I went to search for my assigned locker. I was 2 lockers away from my best friend Macy. I opened my locker door and put my extra binders in. Macy was always late, or she came in a minute before homeroom started. I didn't see Diana there yet so I went back to my car to go get my phone. I texted her and asked "Where are you girl ?" ," I will wait for you in Coach Snell's class , text me when you get this"!!!!!!!. I sighed and  put my phone in my jean pocket, I walked to Coach Snell's class and went in, put my backpack down beside my desk, put my headphones in and started to listen to Play It Again by Luke Bryan. I finally got a text back from Diana 10 minutes later. She texted "Girl you won't believe what I just found out, ONE DIRECTION is spending their last high school year at our school !!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyy." I busted out laughing at her enthusiasm in the text, I didn't notice there was a boy sitting behind me, until after he asked me what was so funny." OMFG" I thought. it was a blonde haired boy with beautiful blue eyes , his name was NIALL HORAN .I started to text Diana & Macy about him ,then he asked me if I knew who he was , I stated "Yes I do ,im just not a girl who has a fantasy about meeting yall ". I watched a warm smile cross his face and he finally remarked with a "good". I turned my attention back to my phone and started to text Macy and Diana that I just met Niall. I guess that made Macy come to school fast because she wasn't late . She came into Coach Snell's class and ran towards me with a huge smile on her face. Niall was sitting right behind me and the sight of him made her grin like there's no tomorrow. She sat in front of me, got out her phone and typed a memo or note on her Samsung Galaxy 4s , she gave me the phone with a huge grin on her face. It said "please tell me I'm not dreaming or is that NIALL HORAN???". I typed "Yes it is but don't fan girl all over him because he don't like it".I gave her the phone back and she nodded and turned around so she was facing forwards. About 2 minutes after me and Macy got done with our "note conversation" I got a text from Diana that said "I'm pulling into the parking lot , met me at my locker I have something to tell you XD". "ok girl I will meet ya , you want Macy to come also?", I questioned. she answered with a yes." cya in a minute XD." Macy, Diana wants us to meet her at her locker now" I exclaimed ." lets go !!!!" she said aloud .We finally got to where Diana's locker was and she was already there. She jumped up in excitement swinging her arms over me and Macy's shoulders, and said "Girls we have work to do , so get ready for a bumpy ride this year!!". We came into Coach Snell's class laughing uncontrollably, my eyes were watering and so were Macy's. Diana picked a seat beside me, since Macy was in front of me. The whole class period, Macy & Niall were laughing it up because he had a very good sense of humor and so did Macy. None of the other boys were in my first period class.*RING RING* the bell for changing classes rang , Macy, Diana, and me were all in different 2nd period classes so we went our separate ways for that 1 hour of class. I went ahead and started to walk to my next class when I heard a whistle behind me. It was the group of senior boys I saw getting out of my car earlier this morning. I turned around walked toward them , they were all nudging the boy that whistled at me forward . I smiled and gave him a BITCH SLAP to the face, turned around and left . I looked over my shoulder to see his face in total shock at what just happened, I smiled and turned my attention to the door of my next class. I had science with Mrs. Wingate, she was one of the strictest teachers around the school systems in henry county. I walked in and sat beside a dude with a beanie and raybans on, he looked so mysterious, it was like a mascarade ball type mystery to his personality. he was wearing black toms, skinny jeans, t-shirt with a hoodie, and of course a red beanie. he took of his sunglasses and looked at me & right away I knew who he was. It was Louis from one direction, he was my favorite band member so I sat in the desk in  front of him. I think he knew that I knew who he was because he didn't stop looking at me the entire class period. The class ended and I was walking towards my locker to put my new science and history book in. All the sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see that it was Diana. I sighed in relief, she asked me what was wrong and I said "it's just I thought you were one of the boys". Feeling akward at the moment, I shut my locker door and walked to my  final class before lunch. This time I had Mis.Carr , she was my pre algebra teacher, I was in advanced math class all year last year so it didn't surprise me when I was in it again this year. I walked in with Diana in front of me, and we both sat down in 2 desks beside each other. We finally got done with Mis.Carr's class , we got math books of course, and we needed flash drives  for our laptop homework she told us before we left the room, I sighed and walked out the room. Diana mumbled "great now more money for me to spend". I couldn't contain my little laugh and the smirk that grew on my face. We started walking to Macy's locker, to get her for lunch ,but she was already gone............

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