Summer Love

Never have I spent a summer without my family. Then, I learn they cant afford to take me with them on their trip. So I'm left alone. For the whole summer. I thought this would be a summer to remember; just like all the others.
And it was, thanks to Niall Horan.


5. Why?


    "Tris! Tris! Wake up!" A familiar voice says to me. Hands take a hold of my shoulders and lightly shakes me. "I'm awake!" I groan. I slowly sit up in my bed and rub my eyes. I finally open them, and see Niall. "Where have you been?!" I yell at him. How did he get in my house? I look over at the open window and know he climbed in. "Niall, what the hell is wrong with you?!" I yell at him again, this time throwing a pillow harshly at his chest. "Tris, I'm sorry. I had some business to deal with. Really stupid things, you wouldn't care." He states. "Yes I would." I say and cross my arms, waiting for him to tell me what happened. "First you can tell me where you've been." I demand. Niall sighs deeply. "That building next to the vet's." I tilt my head to the side. I thought that was a private building? No one is allowed in there, unless you've gotten in trouble with..... "Niall, what happened?" I ask urgently.

     "It's just a magnificent bird. I stole it, I kept it, then I let it go into the wild because I had found out it was being tortured by those scientists. It's all been taken care of, I promise. Nothing Is wrong." He whispers the last sentence and leans into me. My eyes widen when I realize what he is about to do. His lips land on mine and stay there for a few seconds. He kisses me then leans away. "Niall. Go home." I whisper. He stares at me for a while but reluctantly gets up and leaves. "Niall!" I stop him. He turns and looks back at me. I remove the covers off of me and stand up. "Why?" He knows what I'm asking him about. I don't think he truly knows the answer. "Because I like you." He says and walks away.



      "Hello Beatrice! How are you?" Ms.Gallagher greets me when I knock on her door the next day. "Good. Is Niall here?" I ask. "Of course! He is in his room right now, just up the stairs to the left." She directs me. I thank her then make my way to his bedroom. Just as I am going to grab the doorknob, the door swings open. A shirtless Niall stand there. "Tris!" Niall yelps and closes his door quickly. It opens again and this time he wears a shirt. "You forgot pants." I remind him. His eyes widen again and he shuts the door in my face, once again. "Hi." He says shyly. I give him a wry smile and step inside his bedroom. He closes the door behind him. "I really do like you." He says. I don't look at him as I take a seat on the edge of his bed. I look around his room and am surprised to see it is actually not that messy, except for the few pairs of boxers and shirts on the floor.

     "Me too." I whisper. I thought about it last night, and I came to the conclusion that yes I do like Niall. I have no idea why though. "What?" Niall asks, surprised. He runs and sits next to me. "Don't think I'm not mad at you anymore. I suffered for two days straight! I went crazy not knowing where you were! It sucks, Niall! You suck for not telling me!" Niall looks down at his hands. "You're lucky I like you. Or else you'd be dead right now." I whisper. Niall looks back up at me and his eyes light up. He smiles widely and I smile back. "I guess it's cause I'm Irish." He laughs. I laugh as well.

     I do know why I like Niall. Because he's Niall Horan. Because I love the way he is. He's just himself. Maybe, just maybe, summer won't be as terrible as I thought.



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