Summer Love

Never have I spent a summer without my family. Then, I learn they cant afford to take me with them on their trip. So I'm left alone. For the whole summer. I thought this would be a summer to remember; just like all the others.
And it was, thanks to Niall Horan.


4. Where Are The Answers?


   I couldn't sleep. I thrashed about in my bed; trying to get comfortable but failing. I don't know what happened to Niall. I want to know, but when i went back to his house yesterday, Mrs.Gallagher said she didnt know where he was. How was she so calm about? Her son was gone and she didn't know where he was or if he was even okay. I don't understand.

    I don't understand why I am worrying about Niall. It's not like i know him well. But you get curious when a boy that kissed you four days ago suddenly disappears, and for two days straight he is gone. I want to think maybe that man who was going to pick up the bird from animal care had something to with it. His job is only to take in injured animals though, not to kidnap 19 year old boys.

  And what was the man talking about? " you've proved yourself irresponsible too many times to ever keep this bird again." I remember what he said. Though I don't get why the bird was so special. Had it been Niall's pet before? Or was it Niall's job to take care of the bird? Why did Niall kiss me? Who was that man? Did Niall know him?

    Where did Niall disappear to?


        I've asked my self that question too many times. So many times that it feels as if my brain has exploded and I have a massive headache. I wish that if i had Niall's phone number, I could call him. He would answer and say that he was just over at a friends' house and that he just forgot to tell his parents. He would say everything was okay and that he would come back by tomorrow night.

     But I know that will never happen. I should just forget about it. 'You said you were going to pretend he isnt real, remember?' My mind begins to speak again. "Pretend." I reply. "The terrible thing is he's actually real." Somehow, eventually, I fell asleep.


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