Summer Love

Never have I spent a summer without my family. Then, I learn they cant afford to take me with them on their trip. So I'm left alone. For the whole summer. I thought this would be a summer to remember; just like all the others.
And it was, thanks to Niall Horan.


3. What.


  I didn't want to go back to the neighbors house after yesterdays events. Of course, I didn't want to stay inside all day either. So I decided to take a walk along the river bank. It was a river, hidden in the woods, right beside my house. The air is fresh, and it smelled of rain. My min was blank for a moment; peaceful. Completely free of any troubling thoughts. Although nothing ever goes my way. 'Just you watch, Niall is going to come to you, he's never going to leave you alone. You cant avoid him forever!' Stupid concious.

   "Tris!" I spin around and see Niall running towards me. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Taking a walk, like you." He smiles. I sigh and keep walking. "You're going to ignore me then?" He says as he walks the same pace with me. "No, I'm going to simply pretend you are not real." I reply. "There's a difference." I add. Niall scoffs then laughs. "Same thing though basically." I stare straight ahead and make sure to not make eye contact with Niall. "Why don't you like me?" He breaks the silence. I am taken aback by his question and freeze in place.

  Why do I not like him? "I don't seem to have the answer to your question." I say. Finally I look him in the eyes and say again, "I guess you just scare me." He smirks at me and I regret telling him that. "But i'm not scary. I'm an adorable cute little boy." He sticks out his bottom lip and his eyes become brighter. "At least that's what my mum tells me." I laugh very loudly at the words he says. There really is no reason to fear him. Except one, maybe.

    "You took away my first kiss." I state. His eyes widen. "How? You're so... and... why..." He stutters. I let out a small laugh and pat his shoulder. "No worries. I'll just make myself believe you just lost your balance." I say. He calms down a little bit and suddenly becomes serious. "I'm sorry." He says. I nod and begin to walk again. "Your parents? Where did they go?" Niall questions. "America. We would go every summer together, back to our old home. We would visit a different state every year. This year they've gone to Colorado, and I will be the only one not to experience it."

    "I've never been to America. Wish I could though. I bet it's beautiful." He says and looks up at the sky. Suddenly, he takes off running and stops infront of a large, tall tree. "What--?" I begin to ask. I stop when I see what is in the branches of the tree. "It's stuck." I gasp. Niall jumps and hoists himself up onto the first tree branch. "Careful!" I yell to him. He continues to make his way to the top of the tree. Finally, he reaches the bird and takes it into his hands. He manages to slowly climb back down the tree.

   "It's a hawk." He whispers. "He damaged his left wing." I look at the hawk and notice its eyes are closed. "Is it still breathing?" I ask. Niall nods. "I'll call someone." I say. I pull my phone out of my pocket and diall the number for animal care.

  "They'll be here soon." I inform Niall. He keeps walking and i realize he's walking back to his house. "Niall! You can't keep it!" I yell after him. "Yes I can." He calls back. I run after him and grab his shoulder. "Niall, they're here." I state. "I'll take care of this Tris, you can go home now." He whispers. I dont understand why he's acting so weird. I follow his instructions anyways and go back to my own house.

    I look back and see a sleek black car park infront of Niall's house. A man steps out and slams the door behind him. "Give it here." The man demands in a deep raspy voice. "No." Niall answers. "Mr.Horan, I am aware that you'd like to keep this hawk, but you've proved your self irresponsible too many times to keep this bird ever again." The man takes a step forward and pulls the bird out of Niall's hold. "Go home Tris!" Niall yells loudly without looking at me. Scared, I run inside quickly and lock the door behind me.

   What on Earth just happened?

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