Summer Love

Never have I spent a summer without my family. Then, I learn they cant afford to take me with them on their trip. So I'm left alone. For the whole summer. I thought this would be a summer to remember; just like all the others.
And it was, thanks to Niall Horan.


1. Of Course


      "You've got to be kidding me!" I yell in frustration. "Beatrice, calm down. I'm sorry, but the trip just isn't in our budget. Your father and I will be going alone. You are to stay here. You can spend time with your friends this year!" My mom suggests. "You don't understand! We live in the middle of nowhere! I'm home-schooled! I have no friends!" I complain. "What about Evelyn, and Belle, and Lexi?" She asks. "They're on vacation too for the whole summer! Plus, even if they were at home all the time, I still don't have a car so I how would I be able to get to them? Walk the 5 miles?" I over-exaggerate. They do live nearly 5 miles away. And they don't have a car either, so there's no way we'd ever be able to visit. "Just, find something to do. You'll be fine. Hey, I heard that house just two blocks away has been finished. You can visit with the neighbors! Ride your bike down there." I sigh in defeat. "Fine, but you better bring back lots of souvenirs for me!" I yell out to her as she begins to put her suitcase in the back of my father's truck. "We'll give you a call on your birthday! Don't worry!" She smiles at me. I wave them goodbye and then go back inside the house. Great.


       I put the machine away and check the wheels of my bike one last time. Once satisfied that there is enough air in them, I jump on and pedal down the hill. My house is just atop a small hill here in Mullingar, Ireland. We moved here about two years ago and I still haven't seen anything but trees and green grass. Sure, it's beautiful, but you get a bit bored of the same sight after two years right? There are only a couple other people here that are from the USA like me, but other than that, they all speak in that funny Irish accent. Some people also have come here from the UK but I'm not familiar with them. I press the brakes on my bicycle and hop off. I lean my bike against a wide, hollow tree trunk and walk towards the large house. It's painted a light blue color and the roofs are bright white. My house is just a boring, dull color now. The colors have faded and my roof tops are black again. I press the doorbell and step back. "Hi! You must be our neighbor!" A woman exclaims. She holds the knob of the door firmly in her right hand and reaches out her left hand to me. I shake it and give her a smile. She looks to be about in her thirties. "My name is Maura Gallagher. But you can just call me Maura." She says. "Nice to meet you, my name is Beatrice Rivers." I reply. "Would you like to come in? We're just having some tea." I nod and step inside. The cool air hits my face and I sigh. "This is our new neighbor, Beatrice!" Maura introduces me to two males sitting at the kitchen table. "Hello, I'm Bobby, and this is my son Niall." I smile at them and give my greetings. The older male, who I am guessing to be the father, snaps his fingers at the younger male's face. Bobby gets his son's attention. The boy-Niall- sets his phone down onto the table. He spins around in his chair and faces me. I'm shocked to see how handsome he is. His bright blue eyes stare back at me. "Hi, I'm Niall Horan." He grins.

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