Summer Love

Never have I spent a summer without my family. Then, I learn they cant afford to take me with them on their trip. So I'm left alone. For the whole summer. I thought this would be a summer to remember; just like all the others.
And it was, thanks to Niall Horan.


2. No Thankyou


   After visiting with the new neighbors, I head back home. I place my bike in the garage and enter the house through the back door. I go into my bedroom upstairs and collapse onto my bed. "You have a really nice house." I sit up quickly and look around the room to see where the voice came from. I look at my open door and see a blonde boy standing there with his hands in his back pockets. "What are you doing here? How did you get in?" I ask. My heart beat quickens and I wipe my hands off on my jeans to get rid of the sweat building up. "You left the front door open. I called your name but I didn't get an answer so I thought I should just come in." He explains. "Why are you here though? Didn't we just see each other two minutes ago?" I repeat. He nods. "You left this." He tosses the bandanna and bracelet to me. I must've left the bracelet in the restroom when I had went to wash my hands. The bandanna must've fallen out of my hair when I went to get my bike. "Oh. Thanks." I feel foolish. I tie my hair back into a bun and make sure the bandanna is tightly wrapped around. "So, Tris, where are your parents?" He asks. "My name is Beatrice and my parents have nothing to do with your concern." I state. I don't like this boy- this Niall Horan- he's intimidating. He frightens me. "Did you wonder why my name is Niall Horan and my parents' name is Gallagher?" He questions. "Yes, but I have been well taught not to be involved in others personal lives. Especially with strangers." I answer. "But we've gotten along so well. We aren't strangers." He says. He slowly walks towards me. He sits next to me on the bed and leans in closely. "I thought we were friends, Tris." I feel his breath against my ear. "My name is Beatrice." I press my lips together and lean away from him. "You don't want a nickname?" He laughs. "No thank you." He laughs again at my response. "Miss Rivers, why so tense?" He runs a hand down my arm. I shiver and cold runs down my spine. "I'm just a teenage dirtbag, like you." He whispers. "Nice bracelet. Where did you get it?" He holds my wrist and examines the bracelet. "You should've already seen it well enough since I left it at your house. No need to look at it anymore." I tug my wrist out of his hold. "My parents give a bracelet and bandanna to me for my birthday every year. It means a lot to me, this one was given to me last year." I explain. He nods. "When is your birthday?" He asks. I open my mouth to answer but close it soon after. "You really aren't going to tell me? I'm not that bad, am I?" He laughs. I shake my head no. No, perhaps he isn't all that scary. He is just playing with me. "June the 25th." I say. "Mine is September the 13th. Your parent aren't going to be here for your birthday, are they?" I shake my head no. "They're gone the whole summer." I state. He takes hold of my hand and leans in close again. "No worries. You won't be alone." He whispers. For a split second our lips touch and then he pulls back again. "I'll make sure of it." He smiles and leaves as if nothing had happened.

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