The 73rd Hunger Games!

I am12, I'm from district 4, and I'm facing almost certain death.
God help me.


1. The reaping

"I'm still betting on you"

And those were the last words i heard before the metal cylinder shoots up into the arena.

1 Week Earlier

I wake up shivering, and hear a scream, than realize it was me. So much for fearless. Finnick is at my side, trying to calm me down, saying how the odds weren't in his favor, and he made it out alive. That calmed me down a little, but not much. I tried to look strong, but by the look on Annie's face, I wasn't doing to well. Wait.... What was Annie doing here?!?! As if reading my mind, Finnick explained how Annie heard my screams, and ran over to try to calm me down. When that didn't work, she made me my favorite breakfast, Fried fish, and french toast. When I'm nervous, I eat alot, so I digged in, and then turned to Finnick with a half eaten fish and said "want some?' but my mouth was full, so it sounded like "waht shom?" That made Finnick laugh, and when I finished, I was told to go home. I Skipped down the perfectly made stone road, and took more caution on the un-even stairs to the harbor. I ran down the beach, and jumped into my mothers arms. In my opinion, we have the best house in the district. Right on the sandy beach, where you can fall asleep to the soothing sound of the ocean. My mother puts me in her old dress, not a bold, dark blue, but a soft aqua. She put my hair in a pony tail, and told me to goo find a nice sea shell. I ran to the shore and found the rock pile. I opened it up and found all the contents in-tact, and a new one. Memories flash through my head, Annie with the shell, Finnick with the shell, there last kills, the interviews. I kept it knowing it helped them be crowned, and if I was going, This will be my token. They both survived the impossible hunger games, and now they were happy together. The reaping is today. Trying to block the hurtful images, I take the shell, and the oyster i found earlier, and run back to the house. My mom puts the pearls from the oyster in the shell, and wished me luck as she hung it around my neck. As I walked there I found Erin In the crowd. We walk together in silence as we line up. The peacekeeper asks for my hand and I  hand it to him, as he pricks my finger and pushes it under the name 'Sydney Clearwater', and I file in beside Erin. Moe Dumpling Takes the stage, and in his deep, scary voice, he says "ladies first" I pray its not me, and the unthinkable happens. "Sydney Clearwater" is heard throughout the square. The name bounces through my head as I mount that stage. When they ask for volunteers, I think"people thrain to volunteer, I'll be safe." When I heard nothing, they moved on. My mind is swimming, but I form one clear thought. I'm going to the place of my nightmares.

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