In love with a ghost

a girl fall in love with a ghost that she was trying to help cross over but instead she fall in love, and the ghost becomes human . READ AT OWN RISK ....... MY WRITING CAN BE RECKLESS IN ALL WAYS.....<3 LOVE : YOUR ONE AND ONLY LOVER


1. The beginning of it all



         I was in sixth grade when I first saw my first ghost little bit I know he was going to follow me. I tried to tell someone but no one listens instead they called me crazy. He was very annoying I tried to ignore him so one day he went away. Then I live a normal life I got into the best high school, leaving the past in the past.  I wanted to be a veterinarian when I told my brother this he said but you already a vegetarian. Then I would say a veterinarian in not a vegetarian Noah. Then Noah would say so what you can eat meat now chrysanthemum. I said no eww then he would get me started on how I felt bad for the animals were being eaten every day. That was the reason why I stopped eating meat anything and everything  else that is animal. Noah says that's the reason why I am so skinny. Then he sings the song when I am eating I'm so skinny better call me Inny I need meat meat meat. Uh so annoying.  explaining  my brother is difficult, it's not he is a bad kid he's actually pretty nice. He does pretty decent in school and get great grades he says he wants to work for NASCAR.  yet he is only 14 and he already knows every part in a car there I am 2 years older than him and I am just learning how to drive I feel so dumb around him and a car basically he's just silly.


Who is he and what does he want with me

Next afternoon I was very hungry Noah  was in the garage working on his car. I never really understand why he was working on a car when he had to wait so long to get drivers license but he says that when I have to buy a car and he has a car that he wasn't gonna give me rides I said whatever Noah. I was tired of him singing the I'm hungry song so when he was downstairs working on his car I zoom to kitchen open the refrigerator even though I was disgust of all the meat that was inside I pulled out the salad bowl got the French sauce and headed upstairs as fast as I can I was starving as soon as I took the plastic wrap of the glass bowl and dump all the French dressing on it . I was in love with that salad mmmm so good. That's when I heard, “chrysanthemum leave some salad for me”. I was shocked I haven't heard that voice in such a long time since sixth grade it had to be him it was Justin Taylor I dropped that  salad bowls so quick that when I turned around I fell. He said are you surprised to see me baby I told you  don't call me that. He came in closer and I backed up and then he told me don't be scared  chrysanthemum I don't want to hurt you remember. Then he said then sat on my bed I don't know how I wasn't sure I was only me who could see him or everyone so I close my door I didn't want Noah to know because he was a big  mouth.  He would get me in trouble mom and dad they didn't like it when I use to talk about ghost in the sixth grade they said it was crazy and then I was normal but I feel like it's not true if I was normal why could I see Justin why why why I wanted to know so I sat next to him I had to wrap a blanket around me. he was not very cold. Not cold like a normal ghost just cold that he gave me goosebumps. I asked him what was the reason that I could see him he told me it was because I was special and that it was in my blood and that 3 centuries ago my great grandmother could see ghosts too . Then I asked him how do I get the gifts he said that every 3 centuries 1 special person with my blood is able to see a ghost and then he told me that he is my ghost. I told him so what am I supposed to do with you.  I just can't keep you in a closet like a toy or like you a you're a piece of clothing what am I supposed to do. He said just help me until it's time for me to go. I asked so Justin tell me something about you he told me give me a piece of paper and I'll write them down because right now I have to go I want to got the piece of paper but I was thinking how the hell is he gonna hold the piece of paper and a pencil it was very weird he put 10 things on a piece of paper this is what they were.  


Number 1   my favorite is blue.

Number 2   I am a ghost your not crazy.

Number 3   I need somewhere to stay so I will be staying with you.

Number 4   I have a ring that makes me human for hours and days.

Number 5   the only reason why I am NOT so cold is because I have you I know you noticed

number 6    My parents are dead we all die in a fire.  i got lost on my way to heaven and found you everyone else is in heaven.

Number 7   I am NOT a normal ghost can do things that are not in movies because that's what you  human get your ghost ideas from.

Number 8   my full name is Justin Isaac Taylor.

Number 9   I am 17

Number 10  this ONE is important so pay attention... I belong to you you cannot get rid of me unless you help me.  you wanna get back to your life, just take some time and help.  


When I was finished reading the piece of paper I was shocked that you could actually hold a paper and what had happened to him in his life I was determined  to help him.  so when I look up he wasn't there anymore under the big list in small print there was something it said "I'll be back I just want to go to somethings see you later at night.

       love: Justin.






        This is my first movellas ever so i hope you like the beginning !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 


                                                          ( :  Ariana 


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