Destination Pacific

This is only the first chapter, it was an assignment for my English class. If you like it and think I should finish it then let me know. XD

Sarah Dow, a co-pilot of a commercial airliner is forced to land the plane in the middle of the pacific ocean when the Pilot falls asleep on duty. The passengers evacuate the beached plane to a small island.


1. Pilot

         Destination was Tokyo Japan. Where we ended up was an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it's all Smiths fault. John Smith is the pilot; I, Sarah Dow, am the co-pilot. It is not my fault, I swear. Calmly I was expressing my anger and frustration to the control tower in Tokyo. Supposedly they were having some difficulty with open runways and space. After I was done I turned to Smith (as he prefers to be called) to say, “Can you believe these people?!” But I got a snore instead of a spoken response and suddenly we were nose diving into the dark abyss of the night.

         “What the hell? Wake up!” I shouted falling back against my chair. I lunged for the yoke Smith had collapsed upon. With a lot of effort I shoved his dead weight to the side and tried to take control. Smith weighs a lot for such a skinny guy.

        “This is what training is for,” I said through my clenched teeth and desperately tried to level the plane, which is not in any way that easy. A flight attendant appeared in the cock-pit gripping the wall for stability.

“Like, what is going on? Ohmigosh! Like, what happened to him!?”

        “Just do your job and prep the passengers!” I shouted over my shoulder. I heard the attendant leave then speak over the intercom.

        “Please stay calm… fasten your buckles… take an oxygen mask… stay calm… we have this under control… raise your hand if the person… is unconscious. Thank you.”

        Gradually the plane started to level but all too late. Through the fog I could see a thick dark mass rushing toward us. Just in the nick of time I got the plane level enough to meet the mass with a splash that shook the plane to its core. The large window submerged in water then resurfaced, slowly bobbing with the waves. I let out a well deserved sigh of relief. The lights flickered once, twice, three times but stayed on.

“What happened” someone asked from the cabin.

“We crashed you dumb-ass,” a gruff voice sneered.

“Are we dead?” a child asked.

A baby cried.

        Taking more deep breaths I looked down on the Smith lying spread-eagle on the floor. I kicked him in the side several times but he still didn’t wake. “Wake up! WAKE UP!” I shouted in a loud whisper. Angry I turned back to the control board and tried every mode of communication I knew to get an S.O.S. out there. I received no reply. Frustrated, I turned away from the front. The sun had begun to rise and there wasn’t a large body of land to be seen anywhere. To the left was an island of which was, in no way, Japan.

        I looked at Smith again; he had begun to drool into the blue carpet. I grabbed his lifeless arm and dragged him into the cabin. The last attendant was helping a Russian man and who I assumed was his unconscious girlfriend into an orange inflatable raft. I pulled Smith along and into the raft behind the couple. The attendant took one last look into the plane then climbed in after us. We each grabbed a plastic oar and made our way to the island. The Russian man kept attempting to awake his sleeping beauty by repeating her name and shaking her, which only made the boat rock letting cold water finding its way in.

 “Just stop she’ll come to when she comes to,” I said inching away from the water.

         “You’re the pilot aren’t you? Why’d you make the plane crash?” He asked accusingly. At least he had stopped his ridiculous boat shaking.

         “I’m not the pilot. He is,” I jabbed my thumb towards to Smith who lay on the edge of the raft, still asleep. “I'm just the co-pilot.”

“Then why did the plane crash, co-pilot?”

“Ask him when he wakes up. He fell asleep at the wheel.”

“Oh, why’d you let him fall asleep?”

         “I didn’t! He just spontaneously fell asleep! I had no part! I just saved you all from hitting the water head first which would kill you all considering the fact water can act just like concrete when an object from high altitude hits it at high speed!”

          He gave me a somewhat shocked expression then went back to staring at his girlfriend. I shook my head, rested my elbow on my knee, closed my eyes, and pinched the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger. Long awkward silence then suddenly, “I'm Xavier.”

          I looked at the Russian and then to his out stretched hand. I hesitantly took his hand. He gave a firm, strong shake that just about ripped my arm from its socket as I said, “Sarah.”

         “Nice to meet you, Sarah,” Xavier flashed a bright smile.

“Ditto,” I said turning back to my original position.

        The sound of crashing waves, birds, and the strong smell of salt. A faint murmur was audible from the beach. Everyone was watching our little boat float closer to the island. We landed relatively close to the shore of the island. The plane was still floating in the water, which was a good sign. I was suddenly worried that when we reached the island everyone would take it out on us. There were some very unhappy people watching me. If they found out Smith had fallen asleep that it was his fault… I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He would feel bad enough, wouldn’t he? So what would people believe? Engine failure? That’s likely, I mean, I happens all the time right? So then the only people who would know what really happened would be Smith and I… and Xavier. I slowly turned my head to look at him, eyes wide I watched him try to wake his girlfriend. Is he trust worthy? Will he tattle to everyone about the true events?

“Uh, Xavier?”

He looked at me.

“Could you…maybe… not tell anyone Smith fell asleep?”

He looked at me weird, “Why?”

I nodded to the angry mob accumulating on the beach.

He looked at me with a understanding expression and nodded quickly, “I won't.”

“Thank you.”

“Wha...?” the girl said stirring.

“Donna! Donna? Can you hear me?” Xavier asked frantically.

“What's happened?” she looked around taking in the landscape. “Did we crash!?”

“We did, engine failure,” Xavier replied.

         “Oh my gosh! Is everyone alright? Where did we crash? Why are we on water? Where is my stuff? Why does my head hurt?”

Xavier looked at me as if to say, “Do you know to explain this?”

“I’ll explain it all later,” he said.

Donna looked around more. Her eyes fell on me with disproval.

“Who is she?”

“She’s the co-pilot. We were just talking about… stuff,” Xavier explained.

“What stuff?” She said suspiciously.

“Like why the plane crashed,” I said.

        She looked at me through squinted eyes. She opened her mouth to say something, thought better of it, turned and laid on Xavier’s lap.

         I faced the impeding mob and their accusing stares. We were much closer to land, close enough to where I could get out and wade the rest of the way. However, I was too nervous. The longer time it took ‘till I had to answer questions I had barely an answer to seemed like a better option. It would also be helpful if Smith would wake up so he could answer the questions himself. The raft hit the shore with a bump and a slight grinding sound of rubber on sand. I stepped out of the raft at the same time as Xavier, Donna, and the remaining attendant. All murmurs stopped as the impeding mob stared me down. A baby cried again. Suddenly Smith said, “Did we make it to Tokyo?”

         Angry, I said nothing but grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the raft, onto the beach, and far away from the group. I waved my hand in a circular motion to Xavier who took the cue and turned to the crowd, hopefully explained the fake events of a failed engine. I turned to Smith and glared at him.

“Whoa, you’re mad,” he said stepping back.

         “No I'm really, really happy. Really. I'm soooooooooooo happy you made us crash,” I said sarcastically.

“We crashed? So we’re not in Tokyo?”

I slapped him up-side the head.

        “No we’re not! We’re on an island because you suddenly fell asleep! Where you on drugs?”

“Drugs? NO! Sarah you know me better than that.”

“Then what the hell happened!?”

         “I, I uh, I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want to tell anyone actually," he began to rub the back of  his neck, "But, I, I, fine… I didn’t find out till a week ago. Haven’t had problems for a while. I didn’t think it would affect anything.”


“Apparently I have narcolepsy,” he shrugged.

“And you didn’t think to tell me, why?”

“I didn’t think it mattered?”

“Gah!” I stomped off towards the mob, which seemed to have been slightly subdued.

Everyone grew silent and looked at me.

“The Russian said it was engine failure, how does he know?” A tall man asked.

“I said my name was Xavier!” he shouted.

They ignored him.

“Yes it was, he knows because I told him,” I said.

“Why aren’t we dead?” someone asked.

“Because we’re not.” That was an odd question.

“Why did the engine fail?”

“I don't know, I'm the co-pilot not the engineer.”

“Is that man the real pilot?” a woman pointed at Smith.

“Real pilot?” I asked offended.

“Yeah, the Capitan or whatever?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Does that mean he knows? Capitan! Come over here! We have questions!”

He looked at me then the crowd then walked over to us.

“Yes?” he said to the crowd.

“Why did the plane crash?”

“I told you engine failure!” I said annoyed.

“So why did the engine fail?” Another person in the back asks.

“I don't know.”

“Why don't you?”

Smith glared at the man then suddenly collapsed, snoring.

The crowd gasped and asked, “What happened?”

I rolled my eyes. “He fainted from pressure.”

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