Save Me[[Harry styles]]

Casey simons was no ordinary girl. She liked football(soccer) She was a tom-boy.
She is a 15 year-old young women that runs away from home to England and stays at a shelter and starts going to school in london and finds herself falling for a heart throbbing bad boii[harry styles]


1. I'm sick and tired of being here![Epilogue]

Casey's P.O.V; 'Casey Simons,come back here this instant.' My annoying step mother says,shouting. 'No, you know why?.' I say annoyed and angery 'Why?.' Is she seriously asking this? 'You really want to know why?!.' I ask coldly 'Yes,casey.I want to know what I did wrong.' She says hypocritically 'Haha you didn't do anything wrong.' I lie 'By you just being here.makes EVERYTHING wrong.' I scoff 'I don't want to!!.' ' I'm going to run away from this hell hole and.never come.back!.'I add sniffling
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