Your Identical Nightmare

Kiki has always known she was different. She only found out why a few months back. The reason why? She's a clone. A lab experiment. A freak. But who donated their body to clone? None other than Harry Styles. They never met, but she can feel what he feels. What will happen when they meet eye to eye?

*If you have ever seen the movie The Island, the ideas of this book will make more sense. You should watch it anyways, it's really good*


7. What Now?

I sat on the couch and just thought of what just happened. Harry Styles just stood up to my mom. A smile crept across my face at the thought of leaving. 3 more months. 3 more months until I leave. 3 more months until I can be free. I was snapped out of my daydream by an arm wrapping around my shoulders. Oh yeah, I forgot that Harry was still here. We were watching The Hunger Games when I got a text. It was from Emma. 'Heyyyyyyyyy gurl vas happenin'?'


I had to laugh at that, I mean, it's Emma. I immediately texted her back. 'Heyyyyyyyyyyyy nuthin much, just watching The Hunger Games.'


'are you sure nuthins happenin? there's a random car in your driveway and I saw a strange guy walk in with you. OMG is he your bf? Why didn't you tell me?'


'calm your tits. hes not my bf, just a friend.'


'im coming over to meet him. is he cute?'


'youll just have to wait and see :)' I threw my phone on the couch and got up. "Harry, my friend is coming over, but the thing is, she has no clue that you're here." I said, a bit scared.


"Kiki, calm down. Everything will be fine, if she doesn't tell anyone that I'm here." He got up and gave me a reassuring hug. "I know this is off-topic, but is my mom still here?" I asked.


"She left. She couldn't stand to be in a house with someone who isn't hers." He smiled. I hugged him back when I heard knocks at the door. "Harry, just act natural." I swung the door open to a million questions. "Hi Kiki! Who's car is that? Who's the guy? When'd you meet? Where's your mom?"


"Calm down, Em! Hi, a friend's, a guy, today, and she left." I said, proud of myself that I could remember all of that. She pushed past me and gasped in disbelief. "Styles. In. Sitting. Harry. Room. Is. Living. Front. In. Me. The. Of."

"Yeah, I know."

"Ki, please explain what language she was speaking." Harry smiled.

"She meant 'Harry Styles is sitting in front of me in the living room'. She's just excited."

"Hells yeah, I am! Harry, how do you know my precious Kiki?"

"I'm precious now?" I laughed.

"I found her on twitter and realized we looked so alike."

"OMG I knew it! That's why I call you Harriet. Now, can you tell me why she feels and gets your tattoos?"

"No clue."

"Wait, I didn't feel when you got whacked in the nose when I ran in?" I questioned.

"Woah, you did what now to his nose? Harry, I'm so sorry. She's very clumsy." Emma said, being her usual self, finally.

"I don't know why." I answered. I wonder why. Just yesterday I felt something, now I can't? "Maybe it has something to do with being together now?" I said, well, asked.

"Whatever, I'm hungry. Who wants food?" Em shouted. She always gets loud when she wants to eat. All at once, we raise our hands. After a debate on whether to order pizza, go to Nando's, or go to McDonald's, we ended up going with Harry's choice, the pizza. "'...Okay, thanks. Bye.' They said 20 minutes. I'm gonna head out, but I'll be right back." Harry smiled.

"Cool, do you know the way back?" I asked.

"I've got a GPS. I just need your street name."

"Lestenser Road. How about I come with you." I offered.

"No, it's fine. I just need to stop at the drug store for a minute."

"Okay. See you later." I waved. He left, making sure he didn't hit his face again. Making sure he was gone, Emma looked out the window. When I saw her head move, I ran for my earmuffs. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HARRY STYLES WAS IN YOUR HOUSE! I CAN'T FUDGING BELIEVE IT! NOW HE IS GOING TO BE RIGHT BACK!"

"Em, calm down. You need to remember, he's a normal teen like us. We shouldn't treat him differently just because he's in One Direction. Now, in through the nose, out through the mouth." I said, trying to help her breathe. This is gonna be a long night.

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