Your Identical Nightmare

Kiki has always known she was different. She only found out why a few months back. The reason why? She's a clone. A lab experiment. A freak. But who donated their body to clone? None other than Harry Styles. They never met, but she can feel what he feels. What will happen when they meet eye to eye?

*If you have ever seen the movie The Island, the ideas of this book will make more sense. You should watch it anyways, it's really good*


10. Whale Then...

The guys stay for a few hours before they head out. Liam and I started to get to know each other, and with every little tidbit he says, I fall for him more. Wait, what am I saying? I have never been in a relationship before. This is too much. I need sleep. I basically crawl to my room, and that's when I see that it's around midnight. Perfect. At least tomorrow is Saturday. All I need is sleep. That night, I had a very vivid dream.

I was lying on an examination table with bodies surrounding me. I look at my body and realized that I'm no older than five or six years old. I turn to my right and see a boy who looks very similar to me. I close my eyes to fill that silence. It's too quiet, until I hear a distant voice. The voice sounds way too familiar. I turn and see a woman with two children, one that looks exactly like me, and another that looks like the boy next to me. "Harry, stop looking at the others. We're here to follow up on your clone." Anne says. How do I know her name? This is freaky. I try to get up, but my body is frozen. I want to talk to them, interact with them. Their voices are getting closer now. Out of nowhere, I feel a small finger poke my cheek. "Mum, why is she a girl?" Harry asks. Why do I know his name? This is scary. "Mine's a boy. I'm cool with that." Gemma states. This has gone too far. I need to escape. I try to scream, but there's not sound. I start to move about, and this time it works. I shut my eyes and quickly open them, showing the same questioning look on the boy, but he's grown up. I look down and see that I'm older too. What happened? I start to scream, and this time, I succeed. They all give me horrified looks, but the boy comes up to me and shakes me. "Love, wake up. Please wake up." He calmly requests. "Just wake up."

I wake up screaming my head off. "Oh, you're awake. What happened? I was asleep on the couch when I heard you scream." Harry calmly says. I feel around to realize that I'm in real life again. Taking a sigh of relief, I pull Harry in for a hug. "I had a nightmare, and you were there with your sister, mom, and your sister's clone." I breathe.

"What happened?"

"It was actually a memory. We were in the lab, and both of us were young. You came to follow up on me, and you started complaining that I was a girl." I laugh. "Anyways, I was trying to break free, but I couldn't, and it sucked. I shut my eyes and when I opened them, we were there again, but it was right now. It was like I never left the lab. I felt trapped." I shutter. To tell him might be beneficial. He opens his mouth to say something, bi shuts it and pulls me in for another hug. "You're gone. We're gone. We're never going back." He smiles.

"What do you mean 'we'?"

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