Your Identical Nightmare

Kiki has always known she was different. She only found out why a few months back. The reason why? She's a clone. A lab experiment. A freak. But who donated their body to clone? None other than Harry Styles. They never met, but she can feel what he feels. What will happen when they meet eye to eye?

*If you have ever seen the movie The Island, the ideas of this book will make more sense. You should watch it anyways, it's really good*


2. The New Follower

It was another dreary day in the town that I call home. I was in my room when I got the sudden urge to go on my laptop. When I open it up, I check my twitter first, just to see what's going on in the lives of complete strangers, you know, just your average teenage life. The first thing I check is my followers, mainly because I get about 25-50 a day. I noticed that I only had one, but it wasn't a normal follower. It was someone special. It was Harry Styles. I went into shock for a minute, but realizing who it was, I contained myself and accepted him as a follower. As soon as that happened, a notification popped up that I was mentioned by @Harry_Styles. I click it and see possibly the sweetest tweet ever. 'I think I just found my long lost twin... just kidding, but @kiki4life is close enough! she's way prettier than me though...' I start going into my fangirl mode, and let's be honest here, no one needs to see that, and my mom comes running in. "Kiki, are you okay?"


"Styles. Followed. Harry. Me!" I manage to squeal out.


"English please?"


"Harry Styles followed me on Twitter!" I scream.


"Is it really him, or some fake?" She asks. God, I hate how people don't believe celebs. "Mom, look at his account. It's verified! My celeb look-alike followed me! I can't breathe!" She leaves me to my peace while I'm having a fangirl attack so bad that it looks like I'm possessed. I control myself and notice a chatbox that I didn't open. I see a cute message that is way too cute for me to comprehend. 'Hey cutie. Noticed in your profile pic that you look like me, weird isn't it?'


'not as weird as my tattoos...' I reply.


'? I don't understand.'


'every time you get a tattoo, the same one appears on my skin that same exact day. before it shows up, i feel a strange stinging sensation right where it happened...'


'prove it'


'fine here's a pic of your tattoo that you put on instagram and the pic of my tattoo...' Attached to that message was a pic of his picture and my tattoo side by side. 'It's impossible to get a tattoo that fast...'


'oh my god. that is strange. I know how long it takes to get a tattoo done, so it's crazy.'


'tell me about it...'


'hey, you look way too familiar, and it's not because you look like me'




'i swear we met before.'


'i doubt that. we never met before'


'wait, now I remember!'


'remember what?' I question.

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