Your Identical Nightmare

Kiki has always known she was different. She only found out why a few months back. The reason why? She's a clone. A lab experiment. A freak. But who donated their body to clone? None other than Harry Styles. They never met, but she can feel what he feels. What will happen when they meet eye to eye?

*If you have ever seen the movie The Island, the ideas of this book will make more sense. You should watch it anyways, it's really good*


3. Making The Date

'remember what?' I questioned. I have no idea why Harry Styles would remember something having to do with me. I sat there thinking of everything and anything he could say. I checked my laptop and saw his response. I was speechless. 'Do you remember a lab and doctor sometimes?'


'OMG all the time! I actually remembered it yesterday and everyone denied me. I told them that I was a freak, but they didn't believe me...'


'Weird, because I remember the lab and stuff all the time. The lads never believe me.'


'the world may never know why we think of these things :)'


'haha so, where are you from?'


'Well, I don't really know. My whole childhood is basically a blur. But now, I live in London. Why are you asking?'


'Just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out so we could talk about this. Maybe seeing each other will help our memories.'


'maybe, give me a day and time'


'how about tomorrow around 4ish at the mall food court'


'Great! See you then.'


'Okay, I need to go now. See ya tomorrow.'


'Bye.' I sent him. As soon as he ended the conversation, I started getting really excited again. Instead of screaming, I texted Emma. Emma, she's another one of my sisters. Within minutes, she was fangirling with me on my bed. "So, he just followed you and chatted you up?" She asked excitedly.


"Basically! I'm meeting him at the mall tomorrow. After school you need to help me find a cute outfit to wear! I can't see him looking like a bum."


"Of course not! Come on, let's go find something right now." She pulled me into my huge closet (I'm an only child, so I got a pretty big closet). She threw everything around until she found a really cute outfit. It was a black maxi skirt, white sleeveless crop top, and denim vest with black flats. "It's perfect!" I shouted. I put it together and laid it in a part of my closet that wasn't covered in clothes. I check my clock and see that it's already 6 pm. Since Emma lives right next door, we usually hang out until the late hours. We hopped onto my bed and talked for hours about everything. Even though we're so close, she doesn't know about my tattoos. I always wear a nude leotard under my clothes so she can't see. I'm so ashamed of them, so she can't know. She'll just tell my mom. Emma left around 10ish, leaving me alone in my room. I sighed as I shut my eyes to fall asleep.

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