Your Identical Nightmare

Kiki has always known she was different. She only found out why a few months back. The reason why? She's a clone. A lab experiment. A freak. But who donated their body to clone? None other than Harry Styles. They never met, but she can feel what he feels. What will happen when they meet eye to eye?

*If you have ever seen the movie The Island, the ideas of this book will make more sense. You should watch it anyways, it's really good*


5. It's Really You

"H-Harry?" I asked. I couldn't believe it. THE Harry Styles was standing right in front of me. I tried my hardest not to scream. He looked at me and it was like a switch flipped in my brain. It hit me like a brick wall. I remembered where I saw him before. I guess the same happened to him because his eyes went wide. He staggered back, almost falling over a chair. I ran over and helped him up, but he pulled away. I stood there, staring at him. After he gave up on trying to get back on his feet. I ran away. I ran all the way to the other end of the mall, ending up in a clothing store.


Since there weren't many people in the mall today, I guess the store clerk was surprised to see me. I hid in the shirts when I heard feet running towards me. I was crying and shaking by this time. "Are you okay? I'm Taylor by the way."


"Get away from me! I'm a freak!" I screamed. She backed up, but didn't leave. "Are you sure you don't want me to help you? What's wrong?" She sounded pretty sincere.


"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." I had calmed down enough for me speak normally. "What's your name?"




"Well Kiki, what's wrong?" Taylor said. 


"I'm a freak. My life has been a lie."


"Elaborate. I've heard a lot of people say that they're freaks." She actually seemed interested, but why would I tell her? I mean, I just met the girl. How could I tell her a secret so big that not even my friends know? "I can't tell you. I need to find him." I got up and ran back to the food court, but when I got there, Harry wasn't there. I heard running come from behind, so I spun around and saw Harry. "Kiki! Stop! I need to talk to you." I ran into the food court and sat a table. He found me and sat across from me. "What is there to talk about? We look identical and remember the same things." I exclaimed. 


"What if I told you that my mom cloned my body when I was born, and there is only one person in this world that looks exactly like me?" He said calmly. How can you say that you were cloned when you were a baby like it happens everyday?


"I would say that whoever that is would love to meet you." I said sadly.


"I'm talking to her." He smiled. What?! I'm his clone? Wait, I already guessed it. Why am I so surprised? Oh wait, Harry Styles is telling me this. That's why. "I kinda guessed that I was it. I mean, look at us. We're like identical twins." I laughed. "Wait, how'd you know I'm your clone?"

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