Late Rose

Bella is deprived of a relationship, and hates her life enough to die. Her chavy, self obsessed friends don't know what she's talking about, until she meets the love of her life. The guy who could even save her from herself.


1. Wilted Rose

"Kill me." Bella's eyes darted up to his. "Kill me, and get it over with." His face was barely visible in the moonlight. Blue or green eyes? A dragon tattoo, scribed along his neck. The spark flew between them. Closer, closer, closer...

The vision faded. She shook her head. The party had been too much, too much for her mind to bear. She was tired, tired of caring. Of herself. Done with broken nails, broken promises. The glamour of the night had died.

Make-up dripping, sitting outside the throbbing oasis of heat and impulse which was the club. 

Jules exited the building, to sit down beside her.

"What's up?"

"Everything! The rules, those freaking rules. Like puppies on leads we follow them. Where am I going, with my life?"

She burped. 

"I wish I would die."

"Don't say that! You're drunk."

"Ha! So are you." She leant over.

"Don't worry, I will stand by you because I'm your friend and I will never leave you like this."

A man crept up behind her and jabbed his fingers into her sides. She squealed. "Oi! Georgie!" He spun her around.

"You coming for a few drinks, sweetie?"

"Uhu, hey Bella. You'll be all right on your own for a bit, just popping out with Georgie for a bit, OK?"

"Yeah, whatever!"

The couple tottered away down the street.

"Why is everyone leaving me to fester?" She tilted her head to the sky.

"Give me a sign. Just, give me a sign and I'll do it I'll do it.." Crumpling, her dark tears fell to the ground. She only had time to look up, when a sack was pulled over her eyes. Chloraphyl filled her head with a sleepy weight that slammed her gaze into pitch. 

Greasy plastic, lay beneath her, material scratching her face. Foot came in contact with body. "Waste." The voice was deep an gruff. Thrashing the sack off her head, her face was torn, red, raw. Features faded in and out of focus. Skin head, dragon tattoo, blue no green eyes, where had she seen them before? He ripped her up by he front and threw her body into the grime. The girl smiled.

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