Late Rose

Bella is deprived of a relationship, and hates her life enough to die. Her chavy, self obsessed friends don't know what she's talking about, until she meets the love of her life. The guy who could even save her from herself.


2. Burning Rose

His eyes glinted in the moonlight. This was a remarkably similar feeling. He spat. "Get up!" 

Her mouth was set in a thin line, and would noticeably not move. "Get up, you little Bitch!" Grabbing her front, he shook her hard. Again she smiled, which confused him. "What are you gonna do, huh? Have me held at ransom. Torture me?"  Her eyebrows raised. "Kill me? Well I've got news for you! My family are dead to me! They wouldn't pay a quid, for my release. And as for torture and death, well go ahead! I have nothing left to loose!"

"Kill me!" Bella's eyes darted up to his. "Kill me and get it over with!" His face seemed extremely familiar. That dragon tattoo along his throat, those gleaming blue green eyes. He lit his lighter and flicked it open. "What about this then, eh?" The liquid flames danced and cowered beneath his gaze, coming closer and closer. 

The flames licked at her neck, like vulters descending upon their prey. His eyes met hers across from the fire, through the stroke of Scarlett his pupils seemed to light up like beams of light. They looked, looked and the magic went out just like the golden flame, with a click. 

"Get out of here! "The lighter was thrown at her feet. "Run! Quick before they catch us!" His eyes seemed to pleading with her, to go and be safe. But, she had other ideas. 

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