Things Fall Apart

This is the second book in the "Over My Head" series. It will have approximately fifty chapters. This time, though it's about Louis Tomlinson. This series is going to end up being five books long, one for each member of One Direction. But I have bad news to share with you about Book 1, which I'll tell you about in the "Author's Note" below.

Excerpt from "Things Fall Apart."

"Louis, calm down. Just calm down." He tells me as my fist comes in contact with the wall to my right. I feel like someone has dragged me down a busy rode, me defenseless. I feel betrayed. Totally, unforgivably betrayed.

"How could you?" I scream, blood rushing threw my veins at one hundred miles per hour. I can't do this. I really can't. How would you feel if your best friend had done this to you? It would hurt like hell, wouldn't it?"



2. Teaser!

Louis' POV

Anger goes through my fists as I hit the heavy boxing bag. Zayn holds it in place to the best of his abilities as my fist makes contact with the bag once more. My knuckles are a bloody mess, even through the gloves. I rip the gloves off and throw them on the ground. Sweat drips down my forehead as I look for something else to take my anger out on. I kick the bag as hard as I can and pain rushes through my leg. I drop to the ground and hear the sound of Zayn's feet padding over to me. 

"Mate, calm down. Are you okay?" He puts his hand on my sweaty shoulder (God bless him for not getting grossed out), and tries to comfort me. 

"No, I'm not okay. Do I appear to be okay?" I snap, yet he doesn't pull back. If anything, it gives him the fuel to keep comforting me. What a mate. 

"Louis, pick yourself up right now and stop feeling sorry for yourself." He just as harshly shoots back. I stand to my feet and investigate the bruise that is now forming on my leg. Great, just great, just what I need. 

"Thanks, Zayn." I say and begin to walk out of the gym. My vision starts to blur and I start to get dizzy from the extreme dehydration and lack of sleep.

"Louis?" Zayn questions as I stop walking. I turn around to face him. "You okay, mate?" He asks as he begins to walk closer to me. I nod before my legs make me tell the truth by buckling and sending me to my knees. My vision goes black as I hit a cold floor below me.




Hello, you sexy people! 

I just wanted to give you this short preview, and also, THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY! WOO! So, really, you've read the shortest chapter of the book that you'll ever see while reading this book. =) I hope I got you excited to read this.....I am!! Comment how you feel about the opening dialogue and what you think the girl will look like in this book. I already know who it is, but you don't!!! The person who gets it the closest to the girl will get a shout out! So like, favorite, and comment!! I'm hoping for ten comments before October 10th.





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