Things Fall Apart

This is the second book in the "Over My Head" series. It will have approximately fifty chapters. This time, though it's about Louis Tomlinson. This series is going to end up being five books long, one for each member of One Direction. But I have bad news to share with you about Book 1, which I'll tell you about in the "Author's Note" below.

Excerpt from "Things Fall Apart."

"Louis, calm down. Just calm down." He tells me as my fist comes in contact with the wall to my right. I feel like someone has dragged me down a busy rode, me defenseless. I feel betrayed. Totally, unforgivably betrayed.

"How could you?" I scream, blood rushing threw my veins at one hundred miles per hour. I can't do this. I really can't. How would you feel if your best friend had done this to you? It would hurt like hell, wouldn't it?"



4. Chapter 2

I would say that partying all night with a bunch of girls is fun, but after a while one night stands get overly repetitive, and beer pong gets sickening.  Maybe it's because that now, at twenty four, I realize I wasted my teenage years on a bunch of sluts.  Having Tessa was always fun, even though the nagging got on my nerves. Every thing she said just sounded like a load of undesirable statements, but at least she kept me on my toes. 

Don't get me wrong, I love girls. Tall girls, short girls, blondes, brunettes, red heads, you name it and 

I love it. Harry set me up with ever friend of whatever girlfriend he had at the moment, but now he was too busy playing the role of father to his son, Jamie. I still questioned how he felt to be a father at 24, but that wasn't the big question right now. The big question was- what the hell am I going to do with my ass?




Small feet can be heard down the hallway as Jamie makes his way to what sounds like the bathroom. I glance at the clock and observe that it is only two thirty in the morning. The other side of the bed moves, and my biggest secret moves to face me. 

"Baby, I thought he was asleep." She whispers very quietly. I feel her breathe on my arm and a chuckle as I pull her up towards me and kiss her nose.

"It's fine. I'm just going to go check on him." I say before getting out of bed and going into the hallway. "Jamie, what on earth are you doing up?" I say in a normal voice. I look around the corner and see Jamie lying on the couch, looking up at the ceiling. "James Harold Styles, get back into your bed right now." I say assertively. 

"I don't feel like it." He says. For a five year old he's quite the little bastard.

"Make me count to three and you can forget about hanging out with Wes this month." 

He sits up and gives me a glare. "You wouldn't dare."

"James, I'm so fu-," I correct myself," "For real...Get in bed right now."

He sighs as he gets up and walks down the hallway. 

"Goodnight, grumpy." I tease. 

He turns towards me and says, "Goodnight, Dad and Janet," before closing the door.

"That little clown." I say in disbelief. I walk back to bed and slide in next to Janet.

"Did he just tell me goodnight?" She says in surprise.

"Yes...but at least now we don't have to be so quiet." I smirk as I pull her below me and kiss her as she giggles uncontrollably. 

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