She Will Be Loved

Lilia Norman is about as normal as you can get.
Niall Horan is about as famous as you can get.
What happens when two completely different worlds collide?
What secrets are the two actually holding in?
Find out now.


1. Lilia Norman


Name: Lilia Grace Norman.

Age: 18 

Parents: Vogue Norman and Elijah Norman.

Siblings: Rodrigo Norman, Mariah Norman and Rika Norman .

Location: America, California.

Occupation: Student and part time model.

Favorite things: Blue eyes, kindness, singing, modeling, funny people.

Dislikes: Badmans, people who try to act cool, rudeness, bullying, abuse and hate.

Characteristics: Funny, romantic, kind and virtuoso.

Quote: Be yourself because you only have one chance to shine and that time is now.

Style: Baggy jumpers, shorts, sneakers and dresses (floral).

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye color: Brown.

Ethnicity: Italian and American.



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