She Will Be Loved

Lilia Norman is about as normal as you can get.
Niall Horan is about as famous as you can get.
What happens when two completely different worlds collide?
What secrets are the two actually holding in?
Find out now.


2. Chapter One

Chapter 1.


Lilia POV ~

The bright light blinded me as i sat up in bed, some idiot had pulled the blinds open again. My back's aching again from laying in a really odd way in the bed. Even though i have loads of space i always end up curled into a ball all wrapped up in duvet. Its really irritating because i can't really control it while i'm asleep. 

"GET OFF OF ME YOU ASS!" I groan in bed and cover my head with my pillow. This happens literally every morning and take it from me, its really annoying. 

Mariah and Rika run in screaming and flop onto my bed followed by a sweaty Rodrigo.

"Go away you morons." I grunt from under my covers and i bet i sound hilarious because all of them burst out laughing. I groan again for the second time in a space of about five minutes which must be a record in this household. I can't believe no one has told them to be quiet yet, they're usually told to stay in their rooms and watch TV until i get up but... Oh well.

I sigh and shuffle around so i'm laying on my back, i keep my eyes closed and pretend i'm asleep then. BAM. I kick really hard and sit up with all my might. Three siblings fall onto the fluffy carpet all shrieking and laughing. I launch myself off the mattress and do a tumble roll on top of them making them as squeal in pain and happiness. We never usually do many fun things together so its a surprise that we haven't started fighting yet, especially because they're in MY room but this time i honestly don't give a damn. I relax my body and yawn, i stretch my arms out making them squirm underneath me and i giggle quietly to myself. I can be soooo cruel sometimes its actually really hilarious watching them suffer. But i don't mean that in a horrible way, i mean it in a sisterly kinda way. In the end i get sick of them wriggling around so i take mercy and jump up, squishing someones hand in the process making them scream bloody blue murder. 

"God almighty shut up!" I half giggle half yell. Its really hard to keep a straight face looking at them all tangled up and red faced. I burst out laughing and i know my laugh sounds like a witch but i dont care right now, I'm having too much fun. They all look at me really weird so i grab some clothes and run into my en-suite bathroom to get dressed and washed. The outcome is this (sorry the links a lil bit spazzy).I saunter out of the bathroom and see my bed is made and the three idiots are no where to be seen, wow i took that long? Even i have to admit that its kinda sweet they made my bed. I can't be bothered to go looking for them so i tiptoe downstairs and make some breakfast. Im in a pretty good mood so i decide to be generous and make my famous delicacy… PANCAKES!!! I cover them in cream and strawberries with a drizzle of syrup.

Im really please with the final product so i upload it to instagram with a caption: Just made pancakes for the fam, OMW to work xoxox #workinghard #pancaketime!

i log off, grab a pancake and turn the stove off. It still smells of pancakes so i inhale the delicious smelling air before i walk into the back garden and get my bike from the hut down the little alleyway… Its pretty valuable and its really special to me so i lock it up every night without fail. I drag it through the house, unlock the front door and silently wave goodbye to my family before walking out into the sunset. 




Shall i continue?

Shall i make longer chapters?

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Janoskionator #teamjai ALL THE WAY!!!!!

(I have nothing against Ariana Grande BTWWWS)


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