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Melody is different, One of a kind, but her life is a lie and she knows it. She has no body, only a girl who has been dead for thirty years. She knows nothing of her past, but knows what she must do in the future. She will decide the fate of six teenagers who are on the run for breaking the law. Who are on the run for performing music in public in the most populated cities in the New Pangea.

Meanwhile, New Pangea is divided; Rebels on one side and the Government on the other. The Government has huge metal cities build on wastelands, large armies, but rule using fear. The Rebels, on the other hand, have nature on their side, they live in large meadows surrounded by mountains that are very dangerous. Also, unlike the Government, they have unity.

The Earth in this story is not the same as the Earth in real life. In the story version of Earth, music has the power to heal, effect nature and the power to provoke emotions.


1. The world today

*** Quick Authors' Note ***

If you haven't done so already, please read the blurb, for the banning of music to make sense. XD


Icecreamboy & StoryDivine


The year is 2187 and ever since the year 2050, a law was past stating that anyone who played music in public would be put to death.  

It was created by Circe Langar, a deceptive young woman with a large and powerful army. She came into power following the mysterious death of all the world leaders. They died soon after all the islands in the world became one; Pangea forming once again. Circe spread out her army over the newly formed Pangea and conquered the leaderless world. When Circe died 57 years later, her daughter, Lucia, was named her successor.

Lucia ruled even more brutally than her mother, many died for the smallest of things at her hand, and when she died from a bullet to the heart, in the year 2185 courtesy of a rebel assassin, the world was left to her son, Felix. Felix was a troubled guy by any standard. His mother and grandmother were the murderers of many people, mostly rebels who tried to free themselves from their rulers murderous reign, and so much was expected from him. He was expected to follow in his family's footsteps, but can he follow through?

He was on his way to Thadora, one of the main cities of the new Pangea, to prove to his subjects he will be as brutal a ruler as his mother and to put the six troublesome music makers on trial. Little did he know of the body-less Melody who would ultimately decide the six's fate. 

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