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Melody is different, One of a kind, but her life is a lie and she knows it. She has no body, only a girl who has been dead for thirty years. She knows nothing of her past, but knows what she must do in the future. She will decide the fate of six teenagers who are on the run for breaking the law. Who are on the run for performing music in public in the most populated cities in the New Pangea.

Meanwhile, New Pangea is divided; Rebels on one side and the Government on the other. The Government has huge metal cities build on wastelands, large armies, but rule using fear. The Rebels, on the other hand, have nature on their side, they live in large meadows surrounded by mountains that are very dangerous. Also, unlike the Government, they have unity.

The Earth in this story is not the same as the Earth in real life. In the story version of Earth, music has the power to heal, effect nature and the power to provoke emotions.


2. The seasons

Winter's P.O.V:

"In the midnight moonlight I'll," I begin to let my voice flow as I walk slowly through the crowd. People step back and gasp as I do what no-one has dared to do in public for many years. The moonlight tries to reveal my face but can't reach it due to the dark hood covering it from view. "Be walking a a long and lonely mile. And every time I do, I keep seeing this picture of you." I step onto a crate as people start to crowd. "Here comes my baby, here she comes now." I smile at Fall who has her arm looped around Spring. She smiles at me as Spring and her walk past. "And it comes as no surprise to me, she's with another guy. Here comes my baby, here she comes now. Walking with a love, with a love that's oh so fine. Never could be mine, no matter how I try." I hop down and jog over to them. I give Fall a cocky smile. She unhooks her arm from Spring's and he gives her a look of disbelief as we walk slowly away.


Spring's P.O.V:

My turn.

"You never walk alone," My voice ring out through the city center, everyone in the crowd silent so they can catch my words. "And you're forever talking on the phone." Fall plays along and pulls out her phone, pretending to text. "Well I've tried to call you names," I sing as Fall gives Winter a look that she practiced for a while in a mirror. One that says 'you're not worth my time'. "But every time it come out the same." I smile as I sing as she turns and walks slowly away from Winter. "Here comes my baby, here she comes now," I jog towards her as she walks behind a tall stack of crates. I stop as Fall walks out arm in arm with Autumn. "And it comes as no surprise to me, she's with another guy. Oh here comes my baby, here she comes now," My eyes follow Fall and Autumn as they walk past laughing and chatting like they practiced. "Walking with a love, with a love that's oh so fine, and never to be mine, no matter how I try." I sit on a muddy crate next to Winter and we watch Fall give Autumn a hug then walk past us after waving goodbye to him. Summer's turn. He better not mess it up.


Summer's P.O.V:

I step out of the crowd and in front of Fall. The whole crowd turns from Autumn to us, amazed by our performance so far and wanting to hear more.

"I'm still waiting for your heart, 'cause I'm sure that one day it's gonna start." Fall smiles as I hold both of her hands in mine. "You'll be mine to hold each day," She acts swayed as I put a hand on her cheek and caress it affectionately. "But 'til then, this is all that I can say." I freeze and my eyes widen as I look over her shoulder at Autumn who is holding hands with 'my girl' Raey. "Here comes my baby, here she comes now, and it comes as no surprise to me," I scowl and make it look like my surprise has turned to anger and disbelief. "She's with another guy." I sing. Fall turns and looks at Autumn and Raey and acts surprised. "Oh here comes my baby, here she comes now," She glances at me and then turns back looking angry as we march over to them. "Walking with a love, with a love that's oh so fine, never could be mine, no matter how I try."


Autumn's P.O.V:

Me and Raey turn to Summer and Fall and step back and away from each other. I pretend to look worried and guilty and Raey looks shocked as Summer finishes his lines.

"Here come my baby, here she comes now," When Fall and Summer stop in front of us, I make my worry and guilty face turn to anger as all four of us pretend to argue as I continue to sing. "And it comes as no surprise to me, she's with another guy! Here comes my baby, here she comes now, walking with a love, with a love that's oh so fine, never to be mine, no matter how I try..." I sing as Winter and spring walk over and puts their hands on mine and Summer's shoulders; Winter's hand on mine and Spring's hand on Summer's. Me and Summer stop trying to 'argue' and begin to look calmed. Winter and Spring raise their eyebrows at us and me and Summer shake hands while Fall and Raey continue to argue as me and the boys walk off. When we reach a couple meters we stop and run back over to the girls, smiling. We line up and take a bow for the cheering crowds. We smirk as the crowd get's louder. The leader of the resistance will be so pleased that we made such an impression, she might- My thought trails off as the crowds cheer turns to screams as they run away from the market place. We frown.

"What the...?" Summer mutters. All our silent questions are answered as armoured men run into the market place and surround us. Winter curses as our hands get tied and we get piled into a blacked out van. We were meant to be out of there before they arrived.

"Well," Fall says, looking around her friends in the almost pitch black van. "This will be interesting." Spring sniggers. Fall was always the optimistic one. "Anyone up for a game of Eye Spy?"



*** Authors' Note *** Sorry it's long, its because of Copyright and stuff like that ;) ***

The song is 'Here come my baby' by the band Sons of Admirals. Unfortunately, the band has broken up. :(


Red haired dude: Charlie  McDonnell www.youtube.com/user/charlieissocoollike

Light brown haired dude: Alex Day www.youtube.com/user/alexday

Dark brown haired dude: Eddplant www.youtube.com/user/eddplant

Blue haired dude: Tom Milsom www.youtube.com/user/hexachordal


Black haired girl: Emma Duke www.youtube.com/user/freeasabee

Ginger haired girl: We're not sure at the moment. We have tried to find out but no luck yet. We'll keep searching!

They are all amazing people so go check out their channels!!!

In the story, the acting goes a bit like this apart from the fact that in the story chapter it stays midnight.

Winter: Alex Day

Spring: Eddplant

Summer: Tom Milsom

Autumn: Charlie McDonnell

Fall: Emma Duke

Raey: Unknown girl with ginger hair. :/


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