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Melody is different, One of a kind, but her life is a lie and she knows it. She has no body, only a girl who has been dead for thirty years. She knows nothing of her past, but knows what she must do in the future. She will decide the fate of six teenagers who are on the run for breaking the law. Who are on the run for performing music in public in the most populated cities in the New Pangea.

Meanwhile, New Pangea is divided; Rebels on one side and the Government on the other. The Government has huge metal cities build on wastelands, large armies, but rule using fear. The Rebels, on the other hand, have nature on their side, they live in large meadows surrounded by mountains that are very dangerous. Also, unlike the Government, they have unity.

The Earth in this story is not the same as the Earth in real life. In the story version of Earth, music has the power to heal, effect nature and the power to provoke emotions.


3. The Great Escape

Spring's P.O.V:

"Sittin' here." I say before blowing a tune on the harmonica I had hidden in my pocket. "In a cell." Another note. "With a dog." I sing giving a look at Winter, who scowls and punches my shoulder, before I play another note. "And some girls-" I stop as Raey whacks the harmonica out of my hand, making it land in some muddy hay in the corner. "Hey!"

"Cut it out." She joins Winter in scowling.

"Yeah, this is serious." Says Summer getting up from the hay across the cell where the harmonia landed. He slumps down into the dirt beside us. "What are we gonna do? The door is locked from the other side, the windows... there aren't any to speak of." I give a sigh of exasperation.

"Jeez you guys sound lik-" Our head snap towards the door as we hear a loud thumping from the other side. We stand wearily and group together as it continues to get louder. Then... it stops. We look at each other, confused.

Raey frowns. "What the hell was that?" Autumn shruggs.

"What ever it was, it seems like it's stoppe-" Everyone screams and dives to the side as the door flies off it's hinges and slams against the wall. We slowly lift our heads and stare at the doorway. As the dust settles a figure steps forward holding a massive gun that I struggle to name. I try to make out their face, but its obscured by a flowing black cloak.

"I suggest you follow me as I seem to have set off several alarms."


****Authors' Note****

We have decided to write shorter (but more) chapters with one P.O.V per chapter, as it is hard to create a storyline let alone do multiple P.O.V. I know it sucks, but we have a lot going on and want be updating more, so they will be shorter.

Thanks for reading. ;)

StoryDivine & Icecreamboy


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