The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


11. Sweet 16 PART 1

Harry Never got over the fact His real Love (Rachel ) And Mate got married He never supported it. He always called Darcy and Edward though. They once even came to visit which Edward enjoyed its been 2 years Edward is now 9 and Darcy is turning 16 and has a boyfriend Who harry Doesn't know about yet...


Darcy's POV-

I walked Downstairs and Saw Edward and Haven At the table with Mom and Niall I sat Down and everyone looked at me. What? 


I laugh and smile at her And her cute little voice Thank you Haven! Everyone else Told me happy birthday too But After awhile Mom And niall Looked at eachother and Their smiles faded I looked at them as Mom started to talk. 

"Darcy Sweetheart Tonight for your sweetsixteen Harry's coming." She says 

I smile Dads Coming ?!!?

"Yes But Look Tyler Is Coming Too You need to tell your dad about him." 

I Sigh Okay Mom Well I'm getting dressed then going shopping for tonight i say going upstairs. I was so happy it was summer I put on Blue Booty shorts And a minion Top on  I put on my sandals and Fixed my hair and put my makeup on When Edward Walks into my room

"Darcy i'm still confused if i should call harry dad or niall dad?" He says Sitting on my bed 

I sit next to him, Edward I think that's up to you I mean Mom Had You with Harry But Niall was the one there for you. 

"Okay thanks Darcy." He says Getting Up 

Anytime Little Bro I say as we walk downstairs I grab Bag but Niall Stops Me

"Darcy 2 things before you go." He says 

I stop and walk over to him Yeah? 

"Your Mom wants you to bring Edward and Haven With You." 

I Sigh an Okay And then he smiles and Hands me a 100$ bill. I look at him and Smile As i hug him 

Thanks ...Dad I whisper to him as i call for Edward and haven. 


When We were about to call a taxi Aunt Perrie Pulled Up and When we saw her we hugged her But not Haven cause she didn't know her yet. 

"Where are you guys going ?" She asks 

We are going out to get stuff for tonight! I answer 

"Well Let me take you guys! " 

We all nod As we hop in her car Perrie Buckles Haven up as we head to the shops 


All My friends, Family And Alison are here i never wanted alison to come but i guess since she's Pregnant With Dads Child I'll have to let her in. When I walk out of the bathroom All the Boys And Dad Are Standing there smiling 

"Love You look Gorgeous." Liam  Says 

Thanks Lili And um I need you guys to meet someone ... I say as I bring Tyler over to Them as dads eyes grow wide. 

"Who's This ?" They ask 

This is My boyfriend Tyler...


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