The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


6. mommy !

Darcy 's POV-

We were in the waiting room waiting for the doctors to say what was wrong with mom. Edward was asleep on Uncle niall's a chest I looked at him and smiled Edward likes you! He giggled well keep it down a bit He's sleep you don't want him to fuss now do you ? No i answered Him What happen to mom i was scared to asked but i was curious. Well sweetie She passed out for a bit but she will be okay he answered me okay i said After a while a doctor came to us. Rachel is fine you can come see her if you want I was happy I ran in her room Mommy ! 


Niall's POV-

Darcy ran in here room And when i was there They were hugging she smiled when she saw me niall! I smiled How you felling Rachel ?

i'm okay thanks for taking care of Edward and Darcy it means alot

I looked at her Rachel you don't need to thank me i will be here for you okay i said i always had a tiny crush on Rachel but she was always in-love with harry or either having problems with him. I didn't  think he deserved  her at all ! Anyway she smiled and then said 

Well Thanks Niall You know probably out of all of the boys your my best friend

Thanks rachel well i think were going to let you rest Darcy do you want to stay here with mommy i asked she nodded okay Well I am going to put Edward Next to you i said Leaving the room. 


Rachel's POV-

I was Playing little with Edward when Darcy Said

I think Uncle Niall likes you Mommy 

I stopped what i was doing What are you talking about and Why do You think Uncle Niall likes me thats crazy i said to her she stood there with a straight face 

Well the way he looks at you for one that was the way dad always looked at you and how he used to grab your waist and hole you tight i mean i'm no expert at love but i think thats what niall's wants to do.

I looked at her Darcy sweetie i'm sorry about your dad and i its just complicated And i don't think Niall would ever want to date me i mean Harry's one of his best mates and he never told me he loved me like all the other boys did. 

Mom He likes you But i'm not going to argue I am going to go to the cafe to see talk to uncle niall i got my phone if you need me !

Bye sweetie i said she then walked out the door... Niall likes me ?


Hope you liked it If you did like and favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ~Jojo

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