The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


5. Memories

Rachel's POV-

Uncle Niall!! Darcy shouted running over to Niall 

I was Nervous Cammy was Holding Edward and she wouldn't even let Niall Look at him. Niall what are you doing here ? 

to see Darcy and Edward And um i was looking through Harry's Room and I found your journal ...

He handed it to me I looked at him ..Thank you Niall I said Smiling at him 

No problem Rachel Oh and Um can i bring Darcy and Edward To the Park and a few other places ?

sure as long as you don't take them to London i giggled He nodded well lets go He said Grabbing Darcy and after a few times Cammy gave him Edward. She then went out for the day I sat on the couch watching tv then I looked over on the table and saw my Journal There waiting for me to read it after all these years I walked over and grabbed it. Lets see what stupid things i wrote and believed i said  opening the first page this was when i first told harry i was pregnant with Darcy ...

**Flash Back **

I woke up in the morning and i puked I was scared to death I then remembered My mom had some pregnancy tests In the Cabinets I got up and opened one I peed on it And found out i was pregnant i got dressed and called harry so i could tell him. He got to  my house and I told him ..Harry i'm pregnant He then got mad and left and that was all.

I looked up from my Journal A tear streaming i wiped it quick though I skipped a few pages then one caught my eye 

**Flash Back **

We are now back to the X-Factor I was watching and Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam and Zayn they were preforming The song Torn Tears were streaming down my face. They were so good I used to love when harry sang to me i would sometimes fall asleep on his shoulder I missed him so much.

I screamed into a pillow And cried I hate him Wait i love him no i miss him I was confused  I looked back in my journal and i read ever single page I then through it against a wall Tears streaming down my face He lied to me Everything was a lie ! 

I started to get Dizzy and i saw Niall Edward and Darcy come through the door I saw the panic in there faces Niall set edward down and came rushing to me and Darcy Was right next to me Crying Mommy don't go Stay alive whatever you do stay alive she yelled shaking me Niall was there to and then Everything Turned black ...


hope you like it if you did like and favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!! Thanks ~jojo 

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