The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


4. being angry

Rachel's POV-

I gave Edward to Niall And i walked closer to Harry Edward kept shouting things like Daddy and Dada And that made me more  angry. Rachel Calm down Harry said backing up No I'm going to ripe your head off i said. Liam said Rachel calm down this instant I turn my head To look at him YOUR NOT MY DAD YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO i then turned my Head back to Harry and for you Now my son is going to know about you it's bad enough Darcy knows I said someone then opened the door We all turned to look who it was It was my bestfriend Cammy !! I was still very mad though Cammy was out of breath but she looked up at me

Rachel is this Harry ? She asked 

Yeah i said 

Okay She came over to him and kicked him were the sun don't shine And when he fell to the ground she laughed Her butt off I looked at her What she said I wanted to do that I said pouting She giggled Go ahead I looked at her. And laughed i then kicked his stomach i hate you i said Spiting on him i know its harsh but He hurt me ...BAD After that darcy got her stuff i want to go now mom she said I nodded Cammy why are you here? We both looked at her Lets just go i said to her She dragged her Suitcase along And i grabbed Edward out of Niall's Hands Cammy said she was going to call someone so they could bring us to the Airport. As i was walking out Harry still on the ground and Alison Next to him I rolled my eyes and I looked at everyone else They all had tears Perrie got up and walked over to me and said " Look rachel I'm sorry this was mainly my idea i told darcy to do everything i knew how much she missed it here and i- I cut her off. Perrie it's fine i understand She looked at me and tears rolled down her face I missed you so much Rachel i'm sorry She sobbed Look perrie i said bring her face up You stay strong You live your life with Zayn have kids and stay together forever She smiled actually there's 2 One the way I looked at her stomach congrats Look Perrie i got to go I hugged her for one more time i then Looked a Zayn take good care of her he nodded. I waved to everyone then walked out the door.

****5 WEEKS LATER ****

Darcy's POV-

Come on mom I'm going to be late i cant miss this Shoot I said Okay okay Cammy is on her way to watch Edward. There was a knock on the door i answered it Mom cammys here I said i'll be in the car. I got in there and in my Phone rang i looked to make sure no one was around It was Uncle Niall ! I answered it UNCLE NIALL !!! I yelled into the phone

hi sweetie guess what 

What i asked 

i got you a surprise 

really what is it !

You'll see It will be at your house later today 

That sucks I'm not going to be there i have A shoot and dance practice 

Oh thats okay and just a little question were do you keep your spare key ?

Under the Rug Why i asked I then saw my mom coming uncle niall i got to go bye i quickly hung up and when my mom got in the car we listened to some music on our way there. 

When we got there I ran in and saw my photographer Hi !!! I said to her she smiled glad you made it okay now Go to hair and makeup She told me I Nodded and they pulled my hair back and Put some makeup on me. Then They Sent me to get my outfit I looked in the mirror And my outfit reminded me of Uncle Louis i walked out and she smiled okay okay now sit right there and Perfect ! Okay Now let me snap some pics 1...2...3 SNAP 

we took a few more pics and she said we have a shoot next week too. After that i rushed over to ballet practice and after that me and mom went to get icecream while we were there I saw Aiden (from the 1st story ) Mom look i said she saw aiden and he saw her  he came over to us R he said to my mom she giggled and they hugged eachother we all ate ice cream together and When we and mom came home when we opened the door you couldn't believe what we saw.


Hope you liked it if you did like and favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!!! Thanks ~jojo

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