The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


8. a crazy thing happened

Darcy's POV-

I ran out the door as fast as i could heck my mom and dad think i was and AM an accident i wish i was never born!!! Thats when something Crazy happened ... 

I was just sitting there in a white room And i was in a pretty white dress with my hair all pretty I looked around and called out Is anyone here ? A tall guy walked over to me you couldn't see his face 

Darcy Why would you say that ?

His voice was really deep and loud i then said Well i was an accident anyway ..and where am i ?

You were not an accident darcy and you are in heaven. And since you wished you were never born i'm going to show you what it would be like ....

He took my hand and we looked at a picture it was my mom and dad it then started to play a video or something and he was telling me what was going on 

" see darcy if you weren't born your mom and dad would have stayed together and they would have had a terrible breakup. when your dad would leave you mom would cry for weeks and months and finally she would give up on life and sadly she would kill herself. Then Your grandma would be depressed and finally wouldn't care either Then When your dad would find out your mom died he Had wrote a goodbye letter and shot himself in the head. To be with your mom of course , and he wouldn't have been on X-factor and met all your uncles and your parents wouldn't have the honor to raise such a beautiful and talented daughter .." 

i looked at him I-i was wrong i'm glad i was born c-can i please go home ? He smiled warmly 

Of course you may and luckily you learned a lesson 

I smiled and nodded yes i'm sorry i ran over and gave him a hug he hugged me back and waved goodbye. Then all of a sudden my eyes popped open and i heard my name being called I ran outside looking around for my mom or anyone else Until i saw her she looked terrible tear streaming down her face and she was smiling i ran over to her and hugged her. I'm so sorry mom she then said no i'm sorry Darcy baby I love you so much im glad your okay we hugged for awhile and walked back to the house.


hope you liked it if you did like and favor the story that would mean the WORLD to me !!!Thanks ~jojo

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