The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


9. 3 years later

Darcy's POV-

i walked down stairs and saw everyone eating my mom was gobbling up food I giggled mom i know your pregnant and all but save some for me she smiled "anytime now our beautiful baby girl will come!" I looked at her not saying my other beautiful girl is sitting at this table i rolled my eyes and got up and grabbed an apple I got to go mom Bye oh and bye Niall ! As i walked out the door my friend Kelly came running towards me and hugged me "Hey girl " I looked at her hi Kel Her smile turned into a  frown " What Happen " I sighed Its just mom being pregnant and all with nialls kid and she hasn't told anyone in like 8 months and she can have the baby any time any day. And Harrys my dad if he found out he would flip his lid Kelly looked at me " But Harry is married to Alison now?" I stopped and looked at her What? "Yeah they got married like a year ago didn't you know and when i went they said you never showed up " I couldn't believe what i was hearing Kelly i never got invited "Well Alison send she sent you one " That witch  I mumbled under my breath then all of a sudden I heard someone screaming my name me and Kelly looked behind us and saw niall. "Y-your Mmom shes going to have her baby cm'on we have to go" I looked at Kelly she smiled and nodded we have a test in class anyway lets do this!" I giggled and we ran into the car with everyone in there Niall driving as quick as he could we got there in a matter of minutes He took her in saying "My wife she is going to have a kid " Doctors rushed her to a room and we all just stayed in the Waiting room. As we were in there Niall asks me " Why Don't you call me dad ?" I looked at him and thought for a moment Well its nothing against you its just It doesn't feel comfortable I'm sorry He nodded "I get it its just you know i always wanted to be called dad and I mean Edward does it but you don't it kinda feels like i did something " I shook my head No Not at all Niall Its when i was younger i always called you Uncle Niall and Things just seemed Okay then i guess. He just nodded I walked away for awhile and tried to skype Dad When he finally picked up he smiled "Hi Honey aren't You at school ?" I shook my head Listen dad , Are you married to Alison ? His face went pale "Yes now i am why didn't you show up ?" I looked at him i didn't get invited i would have came dad, I would have. "Darcy You were Invited Alison said so" She lied i said flat "He just sighed i know you dont like Alison alot and stuff but she wouldn't lie " I looked for a minute then said okay dad and just so you know moms giving birth ...To nialls kid right now i then hung up and walked back to the waiting room And sat down with Kelly playing angry birds.


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