The Life of Darcy and Edward

Darcy And Edward are growing up Rachel And harry never made up he tries to call and text her sometimes but she ignores them. She dose not want Darcy and Edward to hang around with him life is sometimes confusing and Different but it pays off at the end Thats the Life of darcy and edward.


1. 3 years later

Darcy's POV-

Yeah i got it all covered I whispered into my phone 

Okay now remember you are going on a trip with your Ballet class.

I know ant perrie I'll see you soon i said 

Okay love you sweet heart 

love you ant perrie i then hung up the phone and walked into the living room where mom was.

Mom guess what !!!! 

What Darc ? 

My ballet class is going on a trip to london !!!! 

LONDON ?!? Isn't that very far from here ?

Yeah mom but i'm going with mrs. Wilson And my friends 

Ummm Sweetie your 10 but since it's a ballet thing i guess you can go how long are you stay and when do you leave ?

I am stay there for 3 weeks and We leave today in an hour i say mom sighs and says go pack your bags quick I look at her already done i run in and grab my suitcase she Grabs everything she needs and Brings me there. Where is Mrs.Wilson ? Um i need to go meet her somewhere Bye mom love you i say quick giving her a hung and i run off to find ant perrie. i found her and she was holding 2 plane tickets to london i ran over to her and hugged her tight 

I missed you so much i said 

Me too babydoll Now are you sure your mom dose not know about this she asked ? 

Yes ant perrie don't worry about it i said 

Okay well we better get to the plane she said Holding my hand We walked over to our plane and gave the lady our plane tickets and did everything we had to do 

We got in our seats we sat in 1st class which was AWESOME ! But anyway i fell asleep have the way there. 

When we got out of the plane i looked around and saw London ! Ant Perrie came and stood by me with my things nothings really changed in 3 years i said to her she nodded the boys are going to be excited to see you ! Well i really miss them i say Grabbing my suitcase We started walking To this car And Then Paparazzi started to come Ant perrie's eyes widened Get in the car NOW !!! she said Jumping in herself and Locket the doors she told the driver to step on it and he did as told I laughed Wow That was close i said She nodded No one can have pictures of you. I know i said Before we knew it we were at my old house I haven't been here since I was 7 I am nervous too see them and stuff but ant perrie says it will be okay so i trust her we get out and get our stuff then the car drives off we walk up to the door and she opens it i hold her hand tightly and we walk in Everyones in the living room go ahead in She says. I nod okay i walk in and all eyes are on me Harry looks up and His eyes grow wide Darcy? he asked Hi daddy i say He smiles Niall Runs over to me and hugs me tight Niall can't breath i say he lets go of me and i breath out And laugh dad runs over to me and hugs me and whispers to me I missed you .. I missed you to dad i said we let go of eachother And he smiled I went and hugged everyone. 

So does rachel know about this perrie uncle zayn asked

No. she answered 

Won't she get mad ? uncle niall asked 

They then all started fighting and i just wondered off i mean it used to be MY house right ? As i was walking i saw the dent in the wall when mom and dad where fighting dad Hit the wall making his fist all bloody it was scary and i saw every thing ! I walked upstairs in my old room my stuff was still there i looked out my Window it had the best view I looked and saw all the pretty things. i missed this place i mean Sure New York is cool but London is great i mean i lived here since birth i just stood there looking out the window Thinking about my mom and what she would do if she knew i was right now.


hope you liked it i worked hard and I was able to get it done by today so i really hope you liked it comment what you think please i love comments and like and favor you would mean the WORLD to me !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ~jojo

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