This used to for those who read the Dani's Castle Specials but now it is used for blogs and I will be talking about how I wrote the GUJJU stories, how I wrote the "WHO KILLED JAY PLOT?" and anything else.


6. The Spoiler 4

Jimmy, Dani, Kaitlin, Leo and Esme all go to see the new castle. They all find it amazing. Leo makes a sly comment about Gabe which puts Esme's and Leo's friendship in jeopardy. Rich returns back. Dani and Jimmy are both furious with him for leaving them when they needed it most. They find out that they can include other people as the owner of the castle. They add Leo and Kaitlin, but don't include Rich. Rich begs them to put his name, but will they listen? Kaitlin checks to see if everything is up and running, when she sees a familiar face, Ruby? Ruby threatens Kaitlin to stop being Dani's friend. They don't realize that Slender is controlling Ruby and other people.    

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