This used to for those who read the Dani's Castle Specials but now it is used for blogs and I will be talking about how I wrote the GUJJU stories, how I wrote the "WHO KILLED JAY PLOT?" and anything else.


5. News

Hi everyone, I have given you some ideas. Someone from my school said that the idea about the fight with Jimmy, Dani and Rich is a good idea. Kaitlin might leave in this episode but I don't know yet. She might die or she might not. Rich is also leaving because I really don't like him. He is just a stupid character in the show. I'm really excited to write this and I have to include Slender in this. Slender is actually a three part monster which include Max and Ben. The last episode is going to be a mixture of being scary and a mixture of being funny and a bit sad. If anyone has an idea of including Slender, please tell me. Keep reading this. It's going to be so great. Thanks, bye!

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