This used to for those who read the Dani's Castle Specials but now it is used for blogs and I will be talking about how I wrote the GUJJU stories, how I wrote the "WHO KILLED JAY PLOT?" and anything else.


10. News 5

Hi everyone, I have just finished my Dani's Castle: Last Days and now I will move on to my next one. Thank you for everyone. You are all so nice. The people who commented. I am so happy. Please follow ines247, she was so nice ans supported and she needed the love and appreciation she deserves. Thank you to her for that, and thank you to all my Dani's Castle fans. I still need names. Here is a few. 

Dani's Castle: Showcase

Dani's Castle: Who will she save?

Dani's Castle: Back to home (SPOILER ALERT)

Please pick if you have time, and thank you again. Follow ines247, and that will be great see you soon!!!!

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