Dark Side Of Evil

I am not responsible for what you can read on this blog because you have been warned. This fiction will be scenes LEMON ( detailed sex scenes ) but also of abuse , rape and torture .


3. Chapter two

In northern France , there are much poorer than other cities. Among these cities , Destiny there since birth lives with his parents and siblings. The eldest, Jason , aged thirty -two years old , still living at home ( a common social housing). Since the age of eighteen , Jason fell seriously ill he fell into a deep coma. It took almost five years before he so but with a . It is epileptic. Has become someone very impulsive, Destiny 's parents know that we should not upset their son to not be the emissary bouquet. What is the most effective way in order not to be? Send someone else wear the blows . But who ? Despite all the children they have, that send ? That they despise years : Destiny . The latter has never said anything to the other of his ordeal. It is his martyr to her and nobody else. Tears , she paid a lot, cries of pain also . You can not say she lived unimaginable times but she lived things . Things where no one is supposed to do. As lay a hand on a child, but also sequester subjected to sexual abuse of all kinds It is difficult to forget the first time, especially as it is not wanted . It was a Thursday afternoon , it was fifteen hours and Destiny had completed the course . After college , she walked slowly , enjoying the fact that today there is nobody at home . Once back at the apartment, Destiny saw his sire sat on the couch with a beer in hand . A strong smell him quickly understand that this is not the first cop . It could never forget that smile he had when he saw him enter .

" At fourteen , Destiny became first abused by her father. It took him the only thing she thought to control this force lives : her virginity "

/ * /


Hearing the cries of the unknown , Destiny think quickly to his brother , the evil he had done . Bumps, tears she had to undergo all these years . Far from the France was a dream. Being away from the story of them. These are painful cries him rethink his own, as she beg her "parents" to help him and his sisters. Hatred she could feel to them, the time she wanted to end her life. There was both " the times ." At this very moment , what it supposed to do? Flee from these cries or help this person? Destiny would have liked to come to their aid, is that this person also wants? Stupid question , who would not want to be rescued from evil that suffers . Despite his breathing still choppy , the young northerner decides to go , who knows maybe she could do something , right? Then nothing . No sound , no cry . Panic rides him , she saw several shadows coming towards her. Saw the shadows . His instincts scream it to save as quickly as possible , this is what she did. The adrenaline is pumping into it with such fervor that went off impressive. Behind her, she heard nothing, but it is not as long as it continues its wild ride . One thing in mind is fixed him go and get away , away from the unknown . Heavy breathing, almost cold winter , cumbersome shopping, are slow in his mad race. Once in the interior of the home is Destiny permait to kneel facing the door to cry. Someone toque on the door. Taking her wits, she opens the door, but sees no one .

/ * /

Once back at the headquarters of the gang, the boys settled in their famous meeting room where they are only allowed to enter . Louis released his laptop one of the furniture in the room and the lights.

- I want to know why this stranger lives with traitors Williams, Harry speaks sweetly .

- Slowly butterfly, no need to get excited now , you have not enjoyed quite a while ago , Louis laughed .

- Glad you to find out who she is, whistles curly .


It was only a few minutes to find out who she was . Young French came to London to practice as aupair . Accompanied by such information , a photo was being player, seconds passed and a photo of a beautiful woman appears, leaving five men gasped. This photo was posted by the latter on the official European website Aupair. Destiny had taken a lot of photos, but only one was selected. She wanted one that says somehow it was soft and not superficial. On the site she had seen pictures of almost naked girls . To believe that the goal is not to take care of children but the father .... Louis pushes the laptop so that all may well see the photograph. Several thoughts flashed through their minds. Strange , they all have the same connotation. Far we see nothing but if you approach them , you can see a thin smile appears on each face. A mischievous smile , dark, dark .


" It was at the same time as his unknowingly Destiny Rochas , French aged eighteen years only , marked the beginning of his downfall . "


/ * /

The night was short for the girl. Paranoia is something strong in Destiny . Practically overnight , she thought someone go ahead kill in his sleep . It is early morning as Destiny becomes aware of his stupidity. Wearing proper attire , the northerner came to continue his research jobs. Despite his thin resume, the French do not lose hope. Just leave it felt really stupid . It is Sunday . With little desire to stay doing nothing , she still decides to go outside and walk around the streets of London. The houses are so different from his native country , they are nearly identical . Who knows she might see a sort of Desperate Houswives out of one of them. Walking , Brown notes that many people walked head down. Destiny released his Mp3 player and listen to music . Music from several years ago but his eyes always find favor : When you look me in the eyes of Jonas Brothers group . She is not a fan of this band but after taking the bus she had heard this song and since she fell in love . She did not realize the music in the ears, behind her, not dangerously close


- Who takes care of the case Williams asks Liam

- I simply said Niall

- Dude , it will not only you, everyone will take care of that son of a bitch! Harry yells

- What punishment will he suffer ? asks Liam

- Not much , the leader starts , it will just see his wife do not kill one of our guys , and these children will be raped and killed .

- You become reasonable and what is not good baby, Louis laughed .

- Yes, but I saved the best for us : Father Williams, say Harry. "Doing harm to others is the most beautiful of drugs that never existed" "The fear is that we feel another person is the most beautiful virtues"

- And Destiny , change the topic of conversation Louis

- Should scare smoothly, so she will be much more docile, simply said Zayn - Docile or submitted laughed Louis

- Submissive, avoids that word in my presence, I have many things in my head sadomasochistic him , Harry decides sadistically .

- You suggest what, asks Niall

- I propose that frightens tomorrow and explaining that here we are in charge and it is ours.


* - *


- I can not , cold is cold. Having difficulty walking because of the cold , Destiny decides to go and see her walk at another time , when the temperature will be softer . The steps that followed parted slightly , letting go . His body odor that made ​​sense , thought crossed diverse individuals . Suddenly she stops, a man knocked a woman and no one made ​​any movement. Passers fessaient as it there was nothing.

" Her beautiful bright green eyes turned black excitations . Fear he sees on his face leads to a climax. "

* - *


Various thoughts passed through the minds of boys. All have a common link of perversion.

" There she is, lying , legs apart . She expects me, to satisfy his sexual urge . His eyes dark with desire, the swollen lips, shortness of breath , messy hair and all that just for me . After long sultry foreplay , she will feel my width will make him scream in pain and my length will make him lose his head . "

" It excited me more to the point . I already shuddered at the sound of his voice. "

" Her head was tilted back, eyes half closed and his lips let out a few sighs of pleasure . "

" He felt his member stiffen at the sight of the girl on all fours rump up waiting Louis penetrate. "

" Parted lips , tongue pointing , he embraced this body offered as he wanted , down to the abdomen without haste, sensually. His hands tightened on the narrow hips of the woman while it was moving under the expert language of the boy "

The man knew the name of the psychopath , approaches Destiny gets her face is looking more closely. Point makeup , just natural beauty. Liam purses her lips into a thin line , dark eyes , he admired the fear of Destiny . Slowly, it takes a few steps back but unfortunately it can not do more because someone behind her put his hands around her waist . Quickly , memories passed through his head :

"My brother closed the kitchen door with a straight face , my father grabbed me by the waist to push me down . Kicks , belts, fists, never make me forget that fateful day "

Destiny crashes eyelids taking several deep breaths. It is an inhuman slowness she opened them turning into the unknown. Correction : unknown . His heart that starts pounding , salty beads silent began to flow down her cheeks became red not cold. Passersby all stopped circulating, they watched this group of individuals known to all encircling a young woman. No sound is heard . Silence is at its peak. Hands Harrold who were asked about the size of Destiny changed place, passing to the hips, abdomen , chest , shoulders and on. They explored the subject and terrified of the young French body. As soon as he returned once more to his chest , Destiny came out of his daze and tried to get away from the loop . It loose but gets caught by Liam . Each member of the gang passed one after the other to make the same ritual just made above their head . When everyone is finished "ritual" , Zayn slowly approaches to Destiny . He grabs her hair forming a kind of fist with his other hand he held her chin high . Suddenly, without sweetness , placa her lips on a woman making her moan of pain. He bites his lip which caused a notch by running a hot red liquid : blood. They smiled all face and left all his work . Leaving her face to look terrified of London .


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