Dark Side Of Evil

I am not responsible for what you can read on this blog because you have been warned. This fiction will be scenes LEMON ( detailed sex scenes ) but also of abuse , rape and torture .


4. Chapter three




Info: The names that will be the end of paragraph will mean that the person concerned is
This is crying that Destiny begins to run with speed until unknown. The adrenaline had fear makes it a bombshell . It arrived at his home that the French decision let go , she collapses on the floor . Shaky legs , she goes upstairs to pack her bags . "There is no question that I remain here," she screamed .
Is it that simple? Does it happen to escape ? Let's be clear , if this were the case, the story would stop now . But unfortunately things are not as simple as that , the story has just begun Destiny . It is written from the beginning. Your dark history have an impact. But what kind ? Things will go wrong and not a little . Dark Side Of Evil is about to wake up.

/ * /

Destiny wakes up with a start. Taking slowly her wits, she notices that she is not in her room, but in a cellar. Panic rising crescendo in it. Destiny tried to get up but she does not succeed, the handles were attached to metal chains that are hung on the wall. She yells and screams and calls for help but unfortunately his cries are useless. No one can hear . The cave belongs to a mansion that borders a forest.
Tears flowed incessantly , fear is at its maximum, then that is what the French thought . The little light in the room was suddenly cut off. Rapid breathing , eyelids clauses Destiny hears footsteps approaching her . A source of light blinded . A man watched without leaving an ounce of emotion. Square jaw , dark eyes , lips pursed in a single thin line , hidden behind the back of the unknown hands.
Only the sound of heavy breathing of Destiny that is heard in the room. The atmosphere is cold , grim , leaving a bad omen for the future of the girl. The stranger approaches her accompanied by a slight smile giving shivers down my spine .
Destiny sank once more into the darkness.


/ * /

" Liquid cooling me out of my sleep. Not knowing too much what happens , I try to regain my senses. I am no longer in that dark room , but in a room. The decor does not interest me , what interests me is to know what he, curly intended to make me " Destiny

" He unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock . It was really huge nothing compared to what I 've seen. I was disgusted at once, he had no shame, he took out his huge dick in my eyes when he knew against me , yet I did not move . He firmly grabbed my hair and lowered my head to his cock , I felt ashamed beads salted down my rosy cheeks. He slid saliva on his cock , parted my lips with two fingers , I now always the head with his other hand and he buried his huge cock between my lips . J ' gasped , she choked me, but he leaned increasingly strong and I could not resist , he soon had me in the air, he knew , took his cock in my mouth and patted me on the lips violently . " Destiny & Harry


"My crying increased, and I can not bring myself to disobey him. So I contented myself to lick him and suck his cock well . He grabbed my head suddenly with both hands and tried to plunge his cock deep throat with violent blows kidney intimating me to let me do , I wanted to scream but her sex obstructed my mouth, violent took me want to vomit every time I felt his cock penetrate very deeply, I felt something warm in my throat . My torturer is about to ejaculate. " Destiny & Louis

" When he saw my condition, he laughed strongly pointing at me . A heart of stone it is simply a monster. " Destiny & Harry

/ * /

Naked , wounded , weep , at this very moment is the pretty brunette . It is totally exhausted, no ounce of strength is in it. Harrold, also naked, is between his legs apart . He tried to get a finger into her vagina. Destiny is dry, it does not wet , it is not excited . The finger is very difficult to make movements . She screams in pain, he is in completely crazy . Although she is not excited , he kiss anyway. You just have to expand her vagina so he could enter her sex.

- What is that bitch look, you think you have seen everything known . Waiting to see tonight you'll be my bitch , I'll smash your pussy , anus and you'll pump my cock until you ais cramps neck, my balls are empty and your mouth and your ass is filled with my juice ,  Harry

/ * /

When she wakes up the next morning, Destiny visualized her body in the mirror in the room . Her hair is in battles , different face. His eyes seem to be dry , red lips with cuts. Her naked body was covered in bruises , injury, trace without belt . The pair looked around quickly a T -shirt accompanied by sweat pants man delicately placed on the desktop.


/ * /
 - It has for a long time to wake up or not , asks Niall
- I know, after that he fuck did, she must be dead , laughed Louis
- You know guys, Liam began tonight , it's me who takes care of her. I intend to do what what I am so well known and talented, he ends up laughing slyly .
- Hmm I hear footsteps , says Zayn
- What things start finally pronounce Niall


Scarcely had she reached the bottom of the stairs that five pairs of eyes watched her carefully. BDSM is the program.

"I am powerful " Harry

" BDSM is sadomasochist , I like to dominate , attach, make you my toy" Liam

" Your little saint or key area is wrong , I know that you lies a slut " Niall

"Look at the silent, terrified , submissive, thank you to our " Harry Louis

"Cry bitch! Nobody will come to your help ! Use your voice yells , hear you cry excites me baby " Zayn

"She is here , sitting on the floor , which starts ? " Harry

" I want to shove this bottle of deodorant in pussy " Louis

"If only she realized that her crying had the opposite effect on me. My lower abdomen mean everything, it is already the guards you " Niall


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