Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


9. Where the Shadow Rules...

I SWEPT THROUGH THE COURTYARD AND RAN UP THE STAIRS ON LIGHT FEET. The door slammed as I strode into the room. Silence fell.

  “I want her found,” I said through clenched teeth “Understood?”

  Everyone nodded, not daring to look at me, the monster, the destroyer. I sighed.

  “Get our best men out there. I want her found and brought to me alive. Now go!” there was no mistaking the authority in my voice, that cut through the air, that no one disobeyed.

  Why did she keep escaping? I caught her in the slippery fins of sickness but she had wriggled free. Now there were rumours that she had found the key. Why! Not to worry though, soon she would be at my mercy and then the whole universe would bow down before me. I smiled.

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