Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


3. The Danger of Power

“KARA, KARA!” my master called “Kara wake up!”

  Wait. My Master! It had been a dream. It had all been a dream. I frightening dream but I was safe now

  “Just five more minutes.” I croaked, surprised at how slurred my voice was.

  “No, Kara!” he called “Don’t leave me!”

  Then I realized that it hadn’t been a dream, that it had all been real. But how was my master here?

  “But, “I started to say, sitting up.

  “Shh, my brave one, I’ll tell you all about it.”

  And he did.

  He told me of how there was a Hunter that was also looking for the key, of how they had been given a horse and told where the key was. He told me how he had begged the lead Hunter to let me have the same treatment, to make it fair and of how she had refused. Eventually, she had agreed to give me my horse but nothing else. He told me of how they had watched my progress, laughed when I had fallen. The Bird Caller, as was her name, was the most evil human there had ever been, the most clear-sighted. She had looked into the universe and laughed. She thought that Star Bearers were stupid to worship a star and would be better worshipping a bird. Camilla was angry at this and transformed her into a half-human half-bird monster who was worshipped by all birds. But she could still see clearly so looked into her prey and manipulated them. No one could believe I defeated her

  “But, master, how are you here?” I queered.

  He just smiled and said “When you unleashed one of your stronger powers, the Feelings universe, and destroyed the Bird Caller, the overload of emotions was too much for her, all the Hunters got a taste of the power enough to confuse but not enough to kill. In the confusion, I managed to escape.”

  We were silent for a while, thinking about what had just happened. I was scared. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I mean, I was twelve! How was I supposed to deal with the whole of the universe resting on my shoulders? It was too much. I couldn’t think about it. I stood up, walked over to Franchisee and filled a bowl with water from my fingertips. Franchisee gulped it down gratefully, for it had been a while since he had had anything to drink. My master came and stood next to me.

  “You are unique, Kara.” He sighed “Many have had extra powers but you seem to have them all, all the powers there were, are and will be. I do not know them all, and only you will be able to know that.”

  I felt tears spill over, betraying me to show that, although I stood tall, inside I was broken, a girl with a seemingly impossible mission. Now I had started, I couldn’t seem to stop as I realized that I would never, could never, save the ones I loved. The fate of the Star Bearers was never to be saved. I knew I was being silly but what was I supposed to do? I needed help and none was going to be given. I was alone.

  With power comes danger and a forest of dark prospects. With danger comes things you never wanted to happen. With that comes guilt, a strange thing that twists you till you break and broken I was as I sat there, crying for the prospect of the universe.

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